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Everything You Must Know About Self-Defence: Basics, Situations, And Tips


Do you work as a security guard? Does danger often surround you? Do you live in an unsafe neighbourhood? Let’s face the truth: Police officers cannot protect you at all times. Sometimes, you have to be your own hero.

In this article, we will discuss the basics of self-defence, adverse situations, and what can you do to come out of them. 

Read on to learn something worth your time.

Self Defense is a countermeasure that involves protecting oneself from danger. It requires the right presence of mind to defend yourself from the attacker, meanwhile also taking measures so that they can’t restrain you. While it might sound a no-brainer, during unfavourable conditions when even the sanest people lose their calm and become anxious, it may still become tough.

The world is an uncertain place to live in. You can never predict what’s going to happen next, the situations you may have to face, and the things you may have to deal with. But we can do something to avoid getting hurt in unfavourable situations.

On that note, let’s look at some common critical situations that can be dealt with the basic knowledge of self-defence.


The attacker can be an individual or a group of people attempting to harm you in one way or the other. 

An attack can take place anytime and anywhere (it mostly does in isolated and secluded areas). 

Yes, it may be easy to tackle a single attacker. But can you handle a bunch of them? What if one or all of them are armed? What if they attack from behind? You may not know how to respond, and your mind may freeze.


What if vandals and thieves try to loot your property? Can you shoo them away yourself, or will you wait for the authorities to come? We suggest you should wait for the police, but what if the burglar tries to harm you? It will be too late before help can arrive. 

Even if you have hired security services, it can take some time before they make an entry. That’s why it is safe knowing some self-defence tips.

Wild Animal

If you are a passionate hiker or camper, you may have faced a lot of difficult situations by now. That said, knowing how to protect yourself in the wild can give you peace of mind, and you can enjoy your time to the fullest. 

Have you tackled a wild animal before? Even if you have, it is nearly impossible to battle all animals in the jungle, but you must be aware of some tricks that can help you escape such situations.

Self-Defence Tips

You don’t have to ride a horse or wear a cape to become a hero. Rather than giving in to such unfavourable conditions, know how to fight them and come out safe. 

Enlisted below are some self-defence tips everyone should know about:

  • The best line of defence is to keep calm and stay shut. Only when your mind is at peace, can you make a rational decision and decide your course of action.
  • Keep pepper spray and a pair of handcuffs in your bag at all times. Even if you can’t fight back, you can distract the attacker, and cuff them so that they can’t try hurting you again.
  • Harm the assailant on the weak, sensitive regions of the body so that even if they are coming strong, you can get them all teary-eyed. Try to aim for the groin, eyes, nose, and spine.
  • Learn martial arts. You don’t have to be a pro to save yourself in such situations. Just basic knowledge can help too.
  • Assess the situation before acting upon it. If you are facing a group of robbers or gangsters, don’t fight back. Instead, be smart and try to hide until help arrives.

The above-mentioned tips can help you stay prepared should you face dangerous situations.