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Simple Tips for Speeding up Your Video Editing

Video editing is a stressful task especially if you do this as your full time job. There are lots of specifications of the edits your clients request and you wish there is just a faster way to edit the video. If only you could edit your video faster, you will be able to submit all the video editing projects to the respective clients before the deadline and make them happy.

Keep Your Video Files Organized

The video files must be organized into folder and not in a clutter. They should already be sorted out with only the best ones retained. You can organize your files into different folders such as footage, audio, and images. The footage files can also be organized by the date and time they were filmed. You will make lesser mistakes when you sort out your files prior to importing them into the video editor.

Compress Your Video Files in Batch

If you are working on several video clips, you should use a video converter to convert them in batch. The software you use for compressing the video must be reliable. If you use lousy software, the quality of the video will drop after compressing. You can use a free video converter like Handbrake to compress the videos in batch. If you use online converter, you also have to spend time downloading them to the computer after the video is converted.

Master All the Keyboard Shortcuts

You should learn all the keyboard shortcuts that are available in your software. If you know the keyboard shortcut, you don’t have to go to the menu and find the tool. This will save you a lot of time if you often have to navigate to the menu to find different tools for use in editing the video. Usually, the video editor will provide keyboard shortcuts for popular commands such as playback and trimming a video.

Keep Up with the Computer Hardware Specs

Your computer need to be fast if you want to speed up the video editing process. The hard drive has an important role in determining how efficient your video editor software will run. The hardware specs of your computer must be better than the minimum specs requirement of the video editor. Some of the hardware parts you can improve are the hard drive, and RAM. Your computer need to have an advanced USB port like the USB 3.0/USB-C for faster transfer of the video files from your video camera.

Assign the CPU and RAM Appropriately

In addition, you also should ensure all your RAM and CPU are allocated in the right places. There are add-on apps that you can download for free to use for monitoring the allocation of your RAM and CPU. Basically, if you want the video editor software to run fast, you should quit all the other programs that are running in the background. You can allocate more CPU to your video editor by launching the task manager and right clicking on the program to assign high priority.

Edit the Umms and Aahs First in the Dialogues in Video

If you need to edit the dialogues in your video, first look for easiest speaking errors like umm, or pause to delete. You will find that there are a lot of times that people make such mistakes in their conversations without being aware about it. Each time people say umm, it lasts for a few seconds. These few seconds can add up into minutes and you’ll find the video length significantly reduce after deleting all of them.

Add Markers to Music Track Files

You can add markers to your music track files in the timeline to specify the splitting points. This step should be done before you reduce or extend your current music track collections in the timeline. To do this, you must first select the music track and press the play button in the preview area to play back. While it is playing back, drag the marker to select and mark the portion that you want to delete. To shorten the track, you can use the trim tool to delete it.

Invest in Video Editing Peripherals

You can invest in video editing peripherals that help you to speed up your project. For example, you can get a gaming mouse as it offers faster response and it has buttons that you can program to bring up several shortcuts. Video editing keyboard allws you to save time by color grouping similar tools. The keyboard will also display hundreds of shortcuts in icons.