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The Savvy Stylist – 5 Luxury Home Items For Under $100


Styling your home can turn out to be a costly affair. With so many areas to cover and so many different things to buy, costs can add up. This is why it is so important to shop smartly – decorating your home needn’t cost thousands and thousands of dollars. In fact, if you find the right deal, you could completely revamp your home decor for under a few hundred dollars. In today’s article, we have a look at 5 luxury home items that you can purchase for under $100. Read on to find out more!

1. Adorn Your Windows On The Cheap

Say goodbye to expensive blinds and costly curtains and say hello to the return of pinch pleat curtains. Pinch pleat curtains have recently made a comeback and are a fantastic way to add some style and finish to the windows in your home. Unlike expensive curtains or drapes, pinch pleat curtains can be purchased for under $100. Pinch pleat curtains are easy to install and come in options that offer soft light filtering or total blockout. Pinch pleat curtains also come in options that offer insulation, ensuring that your home remains nice and toasty in the colder months of the year. Introduce an element of style and class into your home with pinch pleat curtains with an added bonus of not breaking the bank! 

2. Rugs Don’t Have To Cost A Fortune

Perhaps you’ve seen them in luxury restaurants or homes – Persian rugs, silk rugs and leather, hide or sheepskin rugs. The reality is these rugs are great to look at, but also come at the price of a small fortune. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of luxury rugs now available both in stores and online to the everyday person. The Monterey rug by Imhome is a beautiful lightweight rug that will elevate any room in your home. With intricate black and soft green patterns on cotton, this rug adds a touch of class to any room it sits in. Turn your home into a bohemian style sanctuary under $100 with the Monterey rug. 

   3. Store Your Books with Style 

A stunning bookshelf needn’t cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Say hello to the beautiful industrial ladder bookshelf by Kmart. Industrial furniture is one of the most popular furniture styles in 2019. Unfortunately, many industrial pieces come at an exorbitant price that not many can afford. Thankfully, the industrial ladder bookshelf by Kmart offers you all the style of an industrial piece without a hefty price tag. At only $45, this bookshelf will inject some hipster-chic vibes into any room it sits in. 

   4. Affordable Artwork

Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars on paintings or artwork to decorate your home with. 2019 is all about affordable artwork that injects style and personality into your home. Take for example the Home Republic Porto Natural Triple Frame by Adairs. At just $27.99, this modern frame with white foreground is the perfect canvas for your photos or artwork to stand out. Those looking for larger pieces must have a look at this beautiful set of 3 abstract prints on Etsy that you can snag for under $90. Options are endless when it comes to affordable artwork, so ditch the pricey pieces for affordable and beautiful artwork that you can purchase from artists online. 

  5. A Touch Of Green 

Last but certainly not least, no home decor is complete without a touch of green. Unfortunately, many planters or pot plants come at exclusive prices these days. Fret not, however, as the Peggy Hanging Planter by Jones and Co comes in at under $60. This quirky ginger-haired planter loves having a cute plant inside and hanging from a hook in any room of your home. Add a touch of nature to your living room, bedroom or even backyard with this affordable and eccentric planter. 


Luxurious decor doesn’t have to come at a luxurious price. We hope that this article has given you some insight into just a few of the many affordable home decor options available to you.