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San Diego Zoo Tour Guide

The San Diego Zoo provides tourists with the opportunity to explore 1,700-acre wildlife that’s home to over 3,500 animals across 260 species from the six continents of the world. Safari Park receives over 5 million tourists every year.

Because of its hilly nature and predominantly tropical terrain, you will find that a day spent at the zoo is just like a full workout, so ensure that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. A trip to San Diego Zoo is ideal for the entire family. There’s so much you can do. You can take guided tours or witness animal shows.

The zoo can sometimes get overcrowded, especially during the summer, meaning entertainment and extra attractions can be quite costly. But the good news is that there are many ways you can cut on costs and save time on your trip if you get it right from choosing the right time to go, the activities to do, and ways to get discounts.

  • Discount tickets

There are a few ways you can get San Diego Zoo discount tickets, but not all methods are created equal. Your best bet is to purchase tickets online from a trusted source before your visit. This option is not only more convenient and secure, but it allows you to explore and find the best deal in advance, saving you time and money.

  • Preparing for the trip

It takes approximately a minimum of 3-4 hours to explore the entire zoo, but you may spend a whole day visiting the multiple entertainment options, exhibits, and trails.  So it wouldn’t be a good idea to visit the zoo on the same day as Safari Park because it’s about one hour away, and it can take up to six hours exploring just a part of the park.

When you arrive at the park, take your time to go through the big billboard at the entrance. The billboard tells you the exhibits that are not available for that day, and it also gives schedules for each activity. Since the layout of the zoo is complex, you should take your time to view the billboard to help you plan your day’s activities.

You should get to the park early before the opening time so that you can beat the crowd. The entrance gate is normally closed some few hours before the day’s regular closing time, so don’t rush at the last minute with the hope of entering into the zoo.

  • Things to do

The zoo is organized into several animal areas connected by themed trails, some of which can be accessed by wheelchair. All of them are marked with their distance, the level of difficulty to navigate, and the time it takes to navigate them. The popular areas include Tiger River, the Panda Trek, Scripps Aviary, the Elephant Odyssey, the Polar Bear Plunge, the underwater view of the hippopotamus pond, etc.

Apart from looking at the animals, you can also take a 30-minutes guided bus tour of the zoo to get an overview of the zoo’s layout.  San Diego Zoo also sponsors interesting special programs, though they change with seasons. These programs include sleepovers which can be fun; you get a tent to sleep in, dinner, or a hot breakfast.

  • Food, drink, and comfort

It’s worth mentioning that food and drinks at the park can be quite expensive. If you are looking into cutting the cost on your visit to the park, it’s better if you carry your own packed lunch. This is particularly important for people who suffer from food allergies. Even though the zoo permits visitors to come with food and water bottles, items such as coolers are restricted. However, there’s a picnic site outside the park that allows visitors to have coolers, and the visitors then get stamped at the entrance.

San Diego typically experiences sunny and hot weather on several months of the year, so it’s advisable to bring along adequate sunscreen and hat. Most of San Diego Zoo activities happen outdoors in direct sunshine, so make sure you drink sufficient water and take frequent breaks.

San Diego Zoo is hilly and wide, and if you take a walk through all trails, it will take you at least four hours; this means that your shoes will play an important role, so choose a comfortable pair of shoes.

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