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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Used Car

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When it comes to buying a car the most important decision to make is whether to buy a brand new car or a second hand car. The important factors to keep in mind are that once you drive the brand new car off of the car dealer’s porch, its price will immediately decrease by 25%. Another important point is that you get to drive a better model and a better car within the same budget if you go for a pre-loved car. Both these factors result in a lot of people opting for used cars. Now, buying a secondhand car is an art and not everyone is an expert in bagging a good deal. However, a few tips can help you make the right decision. Some of them are as follows:

1. Check the MOT detail and history of the car: It’s important to know how well the car has been maintained by the previous owner. The MOT detail will tell you just that. Also, knowing the following will help you in knowing about the health of your car:

  • Has the car has been in an accident before?
  • Has it ever been stolen?
  • Are all the parts of the car original?
  • Has the car ever been repainted?
  • How many previous owners has the car had? Etc.

2. Go to a reliable dealer: If you have sound knowledge about cars then you are good on your own. However, if not then there are two ways either to take a mechanic with you who knows about cars or go to a reliable dealer. Dealers like KAP Motors, have extremely strict criterion for getting a used car to qualify for being sold under KAP’s name. Only the best of the lot gets selected. So if you need help in buying used Fiat car in Brighton? Visit KAP Motors and they will be sure to help you find what you are looking for. You don’t have to worry about checking the history or condition of the car. KAP provides you with a detailed report of all this so that you know what you are getting. They have got your back on this.   

3. Go for a car that is a year Old: The price of a car that has been driven for about 10,000 miles falls off by 27% which reduces its upfront cost by a tonne. For an average car 10,000 miles is achieved in about a year’s time so hunting a car that is a year old can really get you a good bargain.

4. Always test-drive the car: If you are a driver you would know what a strong engine’s drive will feel like. Remember, never compromise on the smoothness of the ignition. The car’s ignition should not have a problem, that is, it starts immediately without making any funny noises and second; how does the drive feel. A strong engine will give you a smooth, controlled drive.

Keeping these tips on the top of your mind when you head out to scout for a second hand car will help you strike a good deal and you will end up buying a decent ride for yourself!

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