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4 Freelancers Who Can Help Your Business Succeed


They say that a company is only as good as its employees. And that’s true. After all, employees are the ones who implement strategies, deal with customers, and deliver results on a daily basis. However, in 2019, not all employees work for a company in a full-time capacity. Indeed, many companies hire freelancers on a semi-regular basis, and some reports predict that freelance professionals will outnumber “traditional” employees by the end of the next decade. The good news for business owners is that hiring the right freelancers can give them a massive edge and set their company up for success. Here, we’ll list four kinds of freelancers who can help your business significantly. Check them out below:


In an era when “content is king” a good copywriter can provide a company with many tangible advantages. Copywriters are able to process new information quickly, compose engaging content efficiently, and can often offer support to social media channels through posts as well. Even if your business doesn’t create content regularly, it’s a good idea to have a trusted copywriter on your side.

Financial Advisor

Hiring a freelance financial advisor or analyzer to take a look at your books from time to time can help you avoid major financial mistakes and form a cogent investment plan for the future. A little advice is in this matter can go a long way toward ensuring the viability of your business.

SEO Expert

Many startups could benefit from the experience of a professional marketer like an SEO expert or a PPC consult. Freelance marketers can help small businesses maximize their visibility on search engines and garner more meaningful leads in the process. Investing in marketing support early on could set your company up for sustained success down the line.

Web Designer

A company’s website is one of –– if not its most –– important commodities. Websites allow businesses to promote themselves, engage with customers, and, crucially, make sales. As such, it’s imperative that new businesses hire a professional web designer to guarantee that their site is not only operational and functional, but that it’s appealing and modern as well. A poorly designed website can undermine even the most solid business models. 

The Bottom Line

As your company grows, it may make sense to hire one or more of these freelancers to a full-time position. But until that day comes, you should look for help from professionals in the freelance market. Just because you can’t afford to bring on an employee in a full-time capacity, doesn’t mean you should ignore marketing or web development issues. Instead, find capable freelancers and build relationships with them. Doing so is essential to your business’s future.