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Stuck on Succulents: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Succulents Alive!

Image by 广扬 罗 from Pixabay

A succulent is a modest plant that makes a big statement. Think about it: rows and rows of potted plants with carved leaves arranged in intricate arrangements inside your family room.

The very fact that these plant heroes don’t need much fuss and care to keep them alive should make you their biggest fan! Of course, like any plant-life, they come with their own basic instructions manual that you must follow, if you’d like them to stay fresh and springy.

Tip #1: Drainage matters

This is an important one. When choosing the pots/container for your succulents, consider the containers they come in. Your local florist will be able to help you out with this. Florists usually keep scores of containers for floral arrangements and they deliver, too.

And if you’re lucky, you might get same-day delivery. That is if your florist is anything like Pearsons Florists. The containers you order need to have adequate drainage without appearing clunky.

Succulents don’t need much water, but even on occasion, it should be drained properly.

Tip #2: ‘Tis the season to water

It’s a popular misconception that succulents don’t need much water to thrive. This is completely wrong, however, so don’t put away your watering cans.

Succulents need to be watered according to specific seasons. Water your plants in the spring and summer seasons more frequently, followed by occasional sprays of water in oncoming months.

These tough little plants like to soak up water and retain it for colder months, so make sure they have enough to get them through.

Tip #3: Don’t spray away

You might be an expert at knowing when to water your succulents, but chances are, you’re not aware of where to do it.

Essentially, succulents don’t need to be watered on their surface, unless you’re cleaning them of course. Make sure to spray water directly into the soil and do this until you see water escaping the drainage holes.

This will ensure that water has been absorbed all the way through.

Tip #4: Avoid spring cleaning

When misting/spraying succulents on their leaves, it’s better to be cautious. This is because frequent misting or spraying can cause mold or rot to flower on the leaves.

Pungent mold can kill off your beautiful succulents so refrain from generous misting!

Tip #5: Let there be light

Succulents love light! If you have them, don’t keep them away from sunlight. However, make sure you rotate the containers so they’re not placed in the way of direct, scorching sunlight.

This is especially true for new succulents that are exposed to too much light. If this happens, their leaves will get scorched.

Think of them as babies with tough skin. Light exposure should be gradual, minimal and changeable. On the other hand, for older and tougher plants, make sure to rotate them frequently. This is so one side doesn’t absorb more sunlight than the other.

We hope these easy tips will help you care for your beloved succulents and keep them alive! Happy gardening.