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What Shoes Should I Wear With this Outfit? 5 Tips and Tricks


You have your whole outfit together, and then the burning question hits: What shoes should I wear with this outfit? Check out this guide for 5 tips and tricks.

The shoes make or break the outfits, we know this — right ladies?

“What shoes should I wear?” is a common question for a night out on the town, lunch with friends or even when going out for a run.

How do you make sure that you wear the shoes that are going to make you look the cutest possible? Continue reading this article for tips on wearing the right shoes.

Answering Your Question of “What Shoes Should I Wear?”

Whether you’re wearing shoes from SSENSE or if you’re wearing some casual shoes, you need to make sure you’re wearing the right shoes! These tips will save your look!

1. Match Shoes to Your Jacket

If you want to follow after royalty or the first lady, you can match shoes to your jacket. You might not be able to afford matching shoes for all of your outfits but if you want to use this tip for a few of your favorite outfits so you can really pack a punch at a special event.

2. Spice Up a Dull Outfit

If you’re wearing an outfit that is on the dull side of things, you can spice it up with a bright shoe.

Let’s say that you’re wearing a dull white pantsuit. You could give it the extra pop of color by pairing it with a bright red shoe.

There are lots of different colors you can choose from depending on what color fits your personality best.

3. Don’t Wear One Solid Color from Top to Bottom

If you wear a blue top and pants, you don’t want to wear the same color of shoes. You will look very drab so change out one of the pieces to give your outfit a little more of an interesting look.

4. Wear Different Shades of Your Main Color

Let’s say that you do want to wear the same color from top to bottom. You could get away with it if you wear different shades of the color. You can’t always make this work so make sure that you try on the outfit and get some feedback on how it looks before you try to wear it out on the town.

5. Consider the Season

Even if you love that one pair of shoes all year, it might not be the best look for you. You don’t want to wear winter shoes during the Summer even if you think they look good.

It’s a fashion no-no.

If you’re in spring or fall then you have a little more flexibility but don’t try to push it too far.

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