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9 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Document Automation Software


Document automation software can help you save hours on designing and formatting documents. Find out other reasons to use document automation here.

Did you know that 99.9% of all establishments in the United States are small businesses? That equates to about 30.2 million businesses, with 8 million of them owned by minority groups. 

Yes, it’s a competitive world and a majority of businesses don’t survive.

If you want your business to become more competitive, you need document automation software. It doesn’t matter whether it’s thank you letters, quotes, contracts, or other documents. You’ll save time, money, and cut document efforts.

Are you ready to learn the benefits of document automation? Read on and find out more.

Why You Should Use Documentation Automation Software

Aside from its direct benefits, document automation has its own set of indirect advantages that go beyond its function. For some organizations, these can make more impact on their success. Here are some reasons your business should use document automation software:

1. Increase Data Compliance

Your business will see a large improvement in your data compliance as a byproduct of your document process automation. After all, your employees can only access documents using the app. 

Your data integrity improves. It happens since you can complete documents based on the data you employees put into the document automation app.

2. Decrease Resources Used to Documents

A lot of organizations dedicate a lot of resources to help audit and manage documents. That meant you had to hire employees and get more software. With document automation, your company can reallocate these resources to other productive projects.

3. Minimize Training Time

The most challenging part of a new job is to learn the business’s internal processes. If you automate document creation, it’s now replicable and easier to internalize. Your new employees can focus better on the work you hired them for.

That means you don’t need to train them on how to make and deliver documents needed in the sales process.

4. Protect Sensitive Data

A lot of documents you distribute can contain sensitive data. Whether it’s internal or external documents, information like these are private:

  • Pricing
  • Financial figures
  • Sales results
  • Customer consumption data

If you automate your data creation process, it will limit the data exposed on an employee’s desktop. It decreases the chances of information finding its way to the wrong hands.

 Both your data and documents will sit together in a single repository. The best part is that you have control over permissions. This will help in limiting the people that can access your documents and sensitive data.

5. Reduce the Number of Documents Managed

With document generators, you’ll have control on the versions and content of the documents. That will limit the number of documents made by your employees. There are companies out there that automated 98% of the data they have in their contract process.

As a result of automation, these companies decreased the number of documents used to make new contracts from more than a thousand to a hundred.

6. Use Consistent Branding

Regardless of whether you’re a small business with 20 employees or a giant corporation, you need consistent branding. It will apply whether it’s your company’s voice or the visuals that accompany it.

If you automate your document creation, you control the document’s content. You also have control over the template. This will ensure that all your employees represent your company with consistent color schemes, logos, and graphics.

7. Make a Repeatable Business Service

Making documents in a manual fashion can often become a tedious task. Once you automate its process, it becomes a repeatable process for your entire business. Your employees increase in productivity since they won’t feel worn out by starting from the ground up every time.

Your employees can also access the same data regardless of their employment duration. They can merge these with your document to generate a document package. 

8. Easier Storage and Retrieval

Storing your electronic documents on a centralized location will reduce the necessity of physical filing cabinets. That will save your office a lot of space, making employees feel less claustrophobic. Besides, that will also give you more space to put some amenities to boost employee morale.

Document automation applications store your documents in a secure manner, regardless of the total number of people working within your system. With this, your employees won’t accidentally stumble on documents they aren’t supposed to read. It also eases up their search process when trying to access related documents.

Also, it’s important to remember that hard copy document retrieval can become a time-consuming task. Depending on your company size, it will take anywhere between minutes and days. If you’re in a fast-paced business environment, this is an inefficient way of dealing with documents.

Automating your documents will allow you to get all these documents in one secure system. The retrieval is also instantaneous.

9. Allows Collaboration

Do you have different locations for your company? If so, you know the difficulty of teams working in different areas of the office. It’s even harder when you’re trying to make two different departments collaborate.

But if you automate your document creation, you cut the manual collaboration of documents. You can also drop the need for physical collaboration of these teams if you want. This will improve your efficiency since teams can now talk online and work together.

These electronic documents can have updates in real time. It means any collaborator for the documents won’t need to wait for long before they can start editing the same document. That decreases downtime and improves the overall productivity of your company.

Use Document Automation Software Today!

There are a lot of other benefits when using document automation software in your workplace. But the most important advantage is that you save both money and manpower. This helps you allocate these extra resources to more productive tasks.

If you want to look for more benefits, don’t hesitate to do some more research. But the benefits listed here are great enough as a starting point.

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