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7 Ways to Show You Love Your Pet and Want Them to be Healthy


If you have a furry friend at home. then you can attest to the fact that they need to feel loved and cared for. It is important to know how to love your pet and have time for them even in your busy schedule.

Loving your dog or cat does not have to be an expensive and time-consuming event. All you need to know is some simple gestures and acts to make them feel loved.

It is quite easy to know if your pet loves you because they will always want to spend time with you, jump on your lap, want to cuddle up with you on the best, so much more. Dogs are known to be able to read the emotions of their owners and feel sad too. Therefore, you need to be able to reciprocate this love too.

7 Simple Ways to Love Your Pet

Pet lovers often wonder if their pets know that they love them and how they can be able to do it. In as much as your pet may not understand the words “I love you” just by saying them, there are ways in which you can make them feel loved, cared for and appreciated. It is natural for your cat or dog to want to feel loved by you.

One of the best ways to show your pet that you love them is by making sure they are healthy. This means you need to provide good food for them and also take them to the doctors whenever they are sick or just for regular check-ups.

With many products in the market that can show your dog love, how do you know which is the best for them? Check out more ways of showing your dog love.

1. Exercise

Cats and dogs love to exercise and denying them this will make them not feel cared for. Make time in your day to exercise your pet. You can also take advantage of this as your bonding time.

Do not just let your dog run around in the park alone. You can buy a ball or disc and play fetch with it. Walking or running together will your dog will not only exercise your dog but you as well.

Cats can be very fun to play with too. Take a ball and toss it around with your cat and watch them run after it and roll around with it.

Exercise and play times create a fun and interactive time between you and your pet and they will be always looking forward to them. Remember to buy your dog a good and comfortable collar and leash. Buy your pet the right kind of toys for their age.

Exercises just in humans provides pets with good physical, mental, and emotional health.

2. Learn Their Body Language

Pets communicate with their body language and some sounds. It can be easy to understand what your cat or dog wants if you take the time to learn their body language. If you can be able to understand what your cat or dog is trying to tell you using their actions, then they will definitely feel that you love them.

There are devices and techniques available in the market today that can help you understand the language of your furry friends.

You will also be creating a strong bond with your pet if you can understand them. Well, this might not be easy and might also take time but if you love your pets you will enjoy learning to communicate with them better. Your dog understands you, you need to understand it too.

3. Give Them Healthy Meals

It gets a little tricky when it comes to pet food. Companies advertise their products as the best, and this makes it almost impossible to pick one. Cats can be very picky with their food and you cannot keep changing their food regularly as this can lead to anxiety.

Take your time to research and only get the best food from a company that you trust will always be in the market.

You should also make sure that you feed your pet a well-balanced meal and give them clean water for drinking. Buy your cat or dog their own special plate and drinking bowl. Create a specific feeding area for your cat or dog, do not just feed them from anywhere in the house.

This way, they will be going there whenever they are hungry. It is a nice idea to buy your pet some snacks that they can take in between meals. Treat your pet as if it were a human being.

4. Regular Check-Up with the Vet

Many of us dread doctors and dentist appointments. Guess what? So do pets.

Why don’t you try to make it a little fun for them? Carry their favorite toy with you, a few treats for them and make it a fun trip down to the vet’s shop.

It is important to regularly check in with your pet’s vet to make sure that they are in good shape. Do not forget to have their teeth checked too.

This is the only way to make sure that your pet is properly vaccinated. If your dog loves spending time in the dog park, it is even more important because you cannot be sure if they came into contact with any stray dog, as they do carry a lot of diseases. Along with pet visits, it’s important to stay covered with a pet plan. Head over to Bivvy if you don’t have pet insurance already.

5. Healthy habits

Human beings normally go the extra mile to ensure that they are in perfect health, both mentally and physically. Such habits include getting medication when needed, using supplements and visiting a masseuse once in a while. You can do the same for your pet.

There are a number of products that also include treats that your pet will love. What better way to show your pet how much you love them?

6. Wash Your Pet Regularly

In fact, why don’t you go ahead and have a mini spa day with your pet? Most pet owners wash their dogs once in three months, some do it weekly and some almost never. Planning your pet’s shower day ahead will give you time to plan for a fun-filled day.

Well if your pet does not like water you can slowly build them up to it by planning some water games. Washing your pet shows that you care and your pet will feel this care and love from the way you do it. Remember to clean your pets’ bowls and sleeping, living and playing areas as frequent as you can.

A pet owner should always make sure that the animal is clean and lives in a clean environment. When your pet is clean it will not have itchy skin and will be able to play and relax more. Your dog or cat will appreciate a clean environment.

7. Create Your Pet a Personal Space

There are times that even cats and dogs want some little privacy. Creating a comfortable space for them will show them how much you care for them and their well-being. Remember, when your pet is in their personal space, try not to disturb them or play with them or even throw things at them.

Your pet’s personal space is for them to unwind and just relax. Make sure the place is comfortable, warm and soft.

This space will benefit you too because should you ever have to leave your dog at home when you are at work, they will not feel abandoned and develop anxiety. They will know that they have their own safe place that they relax and wait for you to come back.

If You Love Your Pet, Take Care of It

Your pet does not need to know all the cool tricks in the park or be the cutest thing ever for you to show that you love them. You can love your pet in the simple methods listed above.

At times, your pet may make mistakes like destroying or chewing up their toys. All you need to do is look for a way to discipline and still show that you love them. Since you are taking your time to understand their body language, they will also learn to understand you.

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