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Moving to Orange County: The Checklist


If you’re new to Orange County, even if you’ve lived in California for years, you have to be aware that driving in the Los Angeles metropolitan area is unlike anywhere else. It’s not just gridlock. Some traffic laws are unique to LA. Due to the size of LA, it can be difficult to navigate. To feel more confident on the road, be aware of these things to avoid needing a Santa Ana traffic ticket lawyer.

Road Etiquette

LA residents know and understand that traffic might move slowly. Honking is reserved for imminent danger, but a light tap on the horn can let someone know that the light is green. When you’re on the freeway, give yourself lots of time to get across multiple lanes to exit. Don’t drive in the far-right lane unless you’re going slower than traffic or need to exit.

Rules to Follow

Avoid getting a ticket by following some rules that are specific to LA:

  • Carpool/HOV lanes
    High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes and carpool lanes have limited access and require a minimum number of occupants.
  • Cell phones

California prohibits using your handheld cell phone when driving. Use a hands-free device or wait until you can pull over.

  • Don’t smoke in your car if you have a child with you

It’s illegal to smoke in a vehicle that is carrying a minor child.

  • Don’t drink and drive
    The legal limit is 0.08 percent, but law enforcement will give you a ticket if you are impaired at lower levels. Don’t have open alcohol in the car. Transport it in the trunk.
  • Red light cameras
    Many major intersections have cameras that will record your license plate if you run the red light.

When You Get a Traffic Ticket, Take It Seriously 

Don’t just pay your ticket, but don’t toss it in the trash either. Get help from a traffic ticket attorney Orange County, when you contact The Ticket Clinic at 1-800-248-2846.

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