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What Can A 5-Star Coworking Space Do For Your Startup?


The coworking space has always been home to the startup. Since its inception years ago, fledgeling businesses have flocked to these enclaves that have formed communities in and around New York City. The office space is cheap and the conversation lively, but the workspace provides businesses with the type of support not seen by other office formats.

The coworking space has evolved to the point that spaces offer professionals a variety of perks, and then the online community has expanded to include coworking wikis, which provide freelancers support and a platform for collaboration. Then, there are the white-shoe coworking spaces like Servcorp, a 5-star coworking space with 85 workstations nestled in One World Trade Center. Five-star coworking spaces do more for businesses than just reside in some of the most exclusive buildings in the world.

Keep reading to learn about what a 5-star coworking space can do for your business.

Significantly Reduce Overheads

One of the major features of a 5-star coworking space is that it can manage to provide businesses with all of the necessities of a corporate office without the excessive price tag. Excellent Wi-Fi is always appreciated but providing clean workspace in a prime location is very important to a world-class fit out. A 5-star coworking space should provide businesses with the basics plus perks but still be able to from a place of affordability.

Provide Professional Workspace

A 5-star office typically is furnished with the finest in corporate office furniture. The buildings are in excellent condition, as is the case of the WTC. Usually, the buildings have the latest in technology, and in the case of older, historic buildings, they are retrofitted for newer technologies.

These offices also tend to be located near historic or financial business districts. Whether they are a part of landmark financial districts or cultural enclaves that have been gentrified, they always give businesses access to concierge services and products. Ultimately, the receptionist and support staff all have been trained in excellent customer service and support.

Provide A Platform For Community

The coworking space also provides businesses with a platform to network with others. Again, the space’s initial mission was to provide start-ups with a platform to collaborate with others in a positive environment. Most communities provide a social platform, and whether they plan social events in the space or they bring experts into the community, most coworking spaces have an events calendar with opportunities for businesses to get together.

Provide Flexible Leasing

A world-class fit out really is determined by the details in the contract. The lease’s terms should reflect that the business is current as it relates to office space solutions, which means their leases are flexible enough for the times. For example, many coworking leases have forgone the protracted, lengthy leases for shorter ones that allow businesses versatility.

In exchange for leases that typically run anywhere between one year to seven, these coworking spaces have leases that run as short as a month. In addition, the leases transition easily into other formats if the renter decides coworking is not a good fit or if their business grows. Finally, if the leasing organisation has offices in other locations, then the leases are transferable, and the coworking professional can avail of the use of space in other locations if they need to travel.

Startup Success

The standard for a good coworking space goes up a level when the leasing organisation has a great grasp of what businesses need in the modern office. Five-star fit outs give businesses all of the essentials of modern-day work while making room for the extras that make work exciting. In NYC, there are numerous coworking spaces, and while many of them are engaging, finding the 5-star gem is the challenge.