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The Most Affordable Months in 2019 to Get Married


We’ve got some interesting wedding news for you – the time of year you get married is going to be epically important. Not just because of the weather, the climate, or who out of your family can make it to your big day, but also because time of year dramatically affects how expensive (or how affordable!) certain wedding aspects are.

If this is news to you, no worries! We try to do everything in our power to bring the must-know-wedding-secrets directly to you!

We don’t just provide you with tons of options for wedding dresses and cheap wedding dresses, we also try to provide you with every tip, trick, secret, and piece of advice that we possibly can!

Check out some of our wedding season knowledge below as we dissect which months are likely the most affordable to get married in for the upcoming year!

Months Not to Get Married

We’re going to be totally blunt — if you’re trying to save cash when it comes to your wedding budget, then you’re going to want to stay far away from wedding season.

You’ve obviously heard of wedding season, that ideal window of time between May and October where the weather is perfect and relatively predictable (depending on your location, of course, but you get the point).

Late spring to early fall is a hugely popular time for couples to get married, mostly based on the weather and the time off that people are able to get to attend weddings, and because of this, wedding venues and vendors are likely going to take advantage of that. It’s nothing personal, just smart planning on their part. That being said, if you want to plan smart, you’re best to avoid this part of wedding season entirely. We also recommend staying away from December, as Christmas is a hugely popular time to get married!

The Months That Make the Most Financial Sense

That brings us to the months that make the most financial sense – December through early May. Why? We’ll explain it all here!

 January, February

Unless you live somewhere exceptionally tropical, you’re likely going to be dealing with a very chilly winter – and most people aren’t keen on having weddings in the cold, sleet, and snow. If you can deal with the icy weather, you can basically guarantee cheaper wedding vendors and services.

March, April, May

The weather is a little bit unpredictable in the early months of spring, so people tend to avoid weddings during these months. This means that vendors and venues aren’t getting as much business as they normally would during their popular wedding season, this, in turn, drives the price way down! Having your wedding in the off-season is an easy, decisive step toward creating a more budget-friendly wedding. If you’re okay dealing with a little unpredictability with the weather, you can save a ton of money!