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4 Reasons Why Infographics Can Help You Grow Your Business


In the cut-throat world of digital marketing, your business needs something to stand out from the crowd. The brain forgets 90% of the information we receive after three days. But if that information is presented with images, we remember it 65% of the time.

This means presenting information within images is essential for effective marketing. That is where infographics come in.

Infographics offer an opportunity to go a little deeper. It allows companies to provide a small chunk of information. Just enough to grab the reader’s attention. But not so much as to require more than a brief scan.

This is why more and more companies are turning to an Infographic Design Service to meet their marketing needs. Here are 4 ways that infographics can help your business grow.

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They increase web traffic

Infographics generate web traffic. On average, an infographic shared on social media increases web traffic to your page by 12%. How do I know? I read it in an infographic.

They increase social media reach and engagement

People are more likely to share an infographic than an image or text. Add an embed code to your infographic so viewers can quickly share it on social media. Be sure to include a link to your website and make your company name clearly visible in bold.

Infographics also increase user engagement. A social media post with images receives around 650% more social media engagement than those without.

They are a valuable tool to increase your mailing list

An extensive mailing list is a valuable marketing tool. It allows you to quickly send marketing material to potential clients users that have already expressed an interest in your website.

You can use infographics to quickly broaden your mailing list. By creating a unique landing page for each infographic clickthrough, users will be confronted with a prompt to sign up to receive more infographics like it.

These users are valuable. If a user likes your infographic, they are 67% more likely to be persuaded by your content. Getting these users on your mailing list converts to more sales.

Infographics keep visitors on your page for longer

Most page views last less than a minute. That means you have 60 seconds to show a visitor why they should stick around.

An infographic is an ideal way to do this. It delivers information quickly, allowing readers to extract everything they need to know while skimming through your site.

However, a word of caution. A page laden with heavy images will take longer to load. If your site takes longer than three seconds to load, it could be driving visitors away.

The key is finding a balance between creating informative and striking infographics while maintaining rapid loading speeds.

All of these benefits involve giving your audience the most information in the least possible time. Infographics get to the heart of the matter swiftly, and in a way that will stay with people far longer than text or a simple image will.

When you can quickly demonstrate why people should use your product or services, you get more sales, and ultimately, expand your business. If you aren’t using infographics, you should be!