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What are the advantages of variable frequency drives?

Technologies of oil and gas extraction are developing every day. Due to the need of new methods and innovations the world of power electronics is designing more and more equipment that will make the process of extraction more comfortable and productive.

Over past 20 years, Triol Corporation produces equipment which has all the advantages for your business to deliver the best results in a small period of time. And one of them is Variable Frequency Drive.

Variable Frequency Drive is designed to control pumps, fans and general industrial machinery. The drive provides a soft start, motor speed regulation, prolong work at rated speed, reversing and braking of induction and PMM motors, as well as maintaining throughout the range of the nominal operating frequency characteristics for the selected type of motor.

VFDs are successfully operating in a wide range of areas: fuel and energy sector, housing and utilities, infrastructure, mining industry, construction industry, cement production and metallurgy.

Triol Variable Frequency Drive provides operation and protection of drive mechanisms, as well as automatic control, remote and local startup and shutdown.

Triol VSDs has one but big advantage above all the rest manufacturers and it’s the following:

  • Triol VFDs are universal for all the existing types of motors (induction, PMM, PCP, Linear).
  • There’s a possibility to install the Triol downhole measuring system if needed. If the customer wants to install his own ESP gauge it’s also can be performed by our company. We are paying attention to your requests and wishes.

Triol Corporation – triolcorp.com has an individual approach for each client, that’s why we are the leading power electronics manufacturer!