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Alternative Medicines: 5 Reasons Patients are Considering Alternative Pain Medications


Those who suffer from severe or chronic pain need relief to live their lives. Opioid-based pain medication was unfortunately the doctor’s choice for years. Now, along with a variety of alternative medicines, cannabis has been finally getting the attention it deserves for its multitude of healing properties. Just last year, the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research Journal published one of many scientific studies that offers empirical evidence supporting cannabis as a viable substitute for opioid pain medication. Here are just some of the reasons why more and more people are looking towards alternative medicines like cannabis over prescription pain medications:

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The answer is natural

One of the primary reasons many people turn away from pharmaceuticals is because they are not natural. Alternative remedies like plants or plant extracts originate in nature and have been minimally altered, if at all. Responsible growers of medical marijuana can easily provide you with information about the plant’s life cycle from seed to product, so you always know what you are putting in your body.

More effective…

In the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research Journal study, a remarkable 81 percent of participants agreed that taking cannabis alone was more effective at managing their symptoms than their opioid-based pain medication. One of the dangerous pitfalls of opioids is the body’s ability to very rapidly build a tolerance. Patients require substantially higher doses over time to feel the same relief, leading them farther down an already perilous path.

…with fewer side effects

All medications come with an encyclopedia of unwanted side effects. Narcotic pain medication is no different, however the worst experience comes when the patient stops taking it. Withdrawal from long-term pain medication can be excruciating, making it even more difficult to overcome dependency and addiction. Not only do alternative medicines like cannabis come with minimal and harmless side effects, but they are being used to treat the very symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Several studies are already investigating whether cannabis may even play a role in healing receptors damaged by opioid use.

It’s a matter of choice

In most cases, alternative medicine offers so much more choice. Any individual can try different treatment options as they wish, and tailor them to what works best on a personal level. There is an element of control and self-awareness about your health that is lacking when following a prescribed regimen of pills.

Prevention and advocacy

Perhaps the most prevalent reason to opt for natural alternatives is prevention. Choosing other options such as medical marijuana safeguards patients from the frighteningly high rate of addiction associated with narcotic painkillers. Many patients also do not want to further support any product from major pharmaceutical companies that contributed to the current crisis.


With the opioid epidemic reaching unprecedented levels, it is vital that we look to smarter, safer solutions that can both heal those affected and prevent further harm. Individuals who suffer from pain on a daily basis finally have more natural options that offer long-term benefits. Check out Aleafia Medical Cannabis Care here to learn more about your options.