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Top Home Décor Trends for 2018



2017 was a year of experimentation for interior designers and home owners alike. Trendsetters are predicting this trend to go even further in 2018 with many designers pushing boundaries. However there are some trends from 2017 that will disappear this year, like decorating in turquoise. On trend couches will no longer be sporting the colour, instead we’ll see emeralds, plum and autumn colours, like reds and deep yellows.



Typhography will still be in, in 2018. Make way for more words like EAT over the kitchen counter, DREAM in the living spaces and RELAX in bathrooms. This trend isn’t set to die out anytime soon, in fact we’re predicting to see even more of it in 2018. Instead of wooden blocks with printed words, expect to see more framed art pieces from artists and typographers rather than homemade replicas.



Parrots are the new flamingos. Flamingos are still on trend in January but expect to see less and less of them as the year progresses and more brightly styled parrots on everything from your couch cushions, bedding to art prints and even dresses and aprons to match. Interestingly, the Parrot, while on trend when it comes to home décor, didn’t fare as well in the Guardian’s poll of Australia’s favourite bird for 2017. The Australian Magpie came in top place with the King Parrot further down the list in 12th place with just 3,446 votes to the winning, Magpie’s 19,926.


Floral Prints

Continueing on with our trend of bright and bold colours for 2018, the floral print is back this year and bigger than ever. You’re likely to start spotting it on large billowing fabrics like drapery and Manchester, but you can expect it on chairs and throw pillows as well.

Earthy Lux Vibes

As we’re bombarded with technology in our everyday lives, we’re moving away from this when it comes to decorating our homes. Instead of cold and austere industrial furniture and finishes we’re now moving towards a more earthy and natural vibe. Think hippy but paired with luxury for relaxation. As our work lives are so hectic we want to unwind in more natural feeling spaces.

One of a Kind

Continuing with the theme of earthy lux vibes and more natural tones in the home, one of a kind pieces are forever on trend. This includes buying second hand homewares to find one of a kind pieces instead of mass produced ‘on trend’ items that are only fashionable in the now. Shoppers are becoming more savvy and don’t want to compromise quality for price, instead opting for higher quality used pieces at a discounted rate. You can also find unique pieces at NW Rugs store in Jantzen Beach.


Lavender Hues

Everyone is still loving on Millennial pink but we’re moving on from that and adjusting to lavender hues instead. Lavender creates equally soft and pastel pops to your home, like Millennial pink, without actually having to be Millennial pink. Nancy Fire, Creative Director of HGTV HOME, Design Works International and Studio NYC Design stated “People were sarcastic about Millennial pink at the beginning, but it’s being used to bring out beautiful, soft tones with accents that are deeper.”