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5 Options That Can Help Minimize Your Pores


Let’s start with the bad news first: pore size is genetically determined, and some people may have larger-looking pores than others. The idea that you can shrink your pores is, unfortunately, nothing but a really prevalent myth. The good news is that you absolutely can minimize their appearance. Here are tips to help you do just that:

  1. Keep your skin clean.

Enlarged pores are caused by a number of factors. Most commonly, they may physically expand as a result of being clogged with sebum, dirt, or a nasty combination of both. These clogs may present themselves as unsightly blackheads or turn into full-fledged pimples.

Keeping your skin clean is your first line of defense against ugly breakouts and blemishes. Use a pH-balanced facial cleanser that doesn’t dry your skin out. You can also look for cleansers with charcoal that possesses the ability to bind with the grime and oil on your face. This ingredient lifts the gunk from the surface of your skin, allowing it to be rinsed away easily.

  1. Invest in a clay mask.

Clay masks are an effective oil control solution, and their effects can last for days. Since excess oil production is one of the most common causes of enlarged pores, investing in a product that will absorb it can only be in your best interests. Laneige’s Mini Pore Waterclay Mask is made with natural mineral mud from the Yellow Sea and mint water which effectively unclogs the pores and de-slicks the surface of the skin. This combination clears your skin of impurities, helps reduce shine, and refines the overall appearance of pores.

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  1. Make a habit of exfoliation.

Manual extraction is still the best way to clean pores effectively. But if you can’t make regular appointments with your aesthetician, the next best thing is to exfoliate regularly at home. Slough off the surface layer of your skin with a combination of physical and chemical exfoliation. You can use a facial brush with your favorite cleanser, or look into scrubs to mechanically resurface your skin. If you’re after the benefits of chemical exfoliation, look into exfoliants that contain beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). BHAs effectively provide oil control and reduce the bacteria that cause acne.

  1. Anti-aging is for all ages.

As we age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin, which results in sagging, less firm skin. The sagging, in particular, contributes to pores appearing larger. Pores normally have a circular shape, but sagging causes them to shift into a droopy teardrop that is much more visible to the eye.

Combat the signs of aging with retinol and retinoid products, which can be used on the face underneath your favorite moisturizer. Retinol is an anti-aging ingredient that is well-known for fighting wrinkles and encouraging the production of collagen. This ingredient also helps clean out pores and decrease the size of oil glands, which in turn lessens oil production. What do all these mean for your skin? Firmer skin returns pores to the shape they’re meant to be, making them tighter and giving them a much smaller appearance.

  1. Finally, don’t forget the sunscreen.

Sun damage is one of the major causes of premature skin aging and dullness. That’s because harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun break up the collagen in your skin, which is what keeps it tight and your pores small. Invest in a daily sunscreen lotion or cream that can protect your skin from those harsh rays. Anything with a high SPF and broad spectrum should serve your needs fine.

Reducing your normal pore size might be an impossible task, but it’s always possible to keep your pores from growing bigger. Follow these 5 tips and you’ll not only minimize their appearance, you’ll also get healthier skin in the process.