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5 Frequently Made Mistakes That Are Compromising The Results of Your Weight Loss Diet


When you decided to lose weight and managed to find a great diet to help you achieve this goal, you also imagined that things were going to run smoothly. But, after a while, you realize that your diet is not making you lose the promised number of pounds. The instant reaction triggered by the bad results of your weight loss diet is to actually blame the diet. While the diet you used may indeed be inefficient in your case, there are a couple of mistakes people frequently do when it comes to losing weight, which can compromise their weight loss expectancies. So take a look at them below and do your best to stay away from making such mistakes.

You didn’t manage to reduce your calories efficiently

The main purpose of a weight loss diet is to allow you to burn more calories than you actually eat. This is why constant exercising is needed, besides just following a diet. But, if you didn’t manage to cut calories efficiently, and you eat more than you consume, then the chances are that you’re going to gain weight instead of losing it. First, you need to determine how many calories you need to eat per day without gaining or losing weight. Once you know this, all you have to do is to cut their number and monitor your daily calorie intake.

Proteins are scarce in your diet

Many people have a wrong perception when it comes to consuming proteins while trying to lose weight. You need to stop believing the myth that proteins are bad for weight loss. They are actually helping you lose weight because proteins need more energy to be broken down so that means more calories burned while suppressing your appetite and building lean muscles.

You’re not having as many vegetables as you should

Vegetables are a must in any weight loss diet, so if you are not managing to lose sufficient weight than probably you’re not eating enough veggies. They contain a lot of fibers, high in water, have a high volume while providing little calories, and rich in macronutrients and antioxidants. In other words, they will keep you full for longer, allow you to eat them in generous quantities, and protect your body’s functions and health.

Your diet is made out of all the wrong foods

Not every diet you find out there is actually a good diet. For instance, although fruits juices are presented as diet-friendly, they are not, because they contain too much sugar and too little fibers. Thus, a good diet consists of whole and natural foods that have a great nutrient input in your diet. Also, do consider getting the help of weight loss supplements if you think that your diet is not sufficient. Forskolin extract is a type of supplement you seriously need to consider, Dr. Oz talked about in many of his shows. You can read more about it at Livin. This supplement is made out of an incredible exotic fruit that stimulates your body to burn fat while keeping cravings at bay.

You’re not eating foods that contain healthy fats

This is one of the biggest mistakes most people do when trying to lose weight. They consider that all fats are bad, so they stop eating foods with any kind of fat, including healthy fats. Your body needs fat in order to function well, so make sure you provide it from healthy sources. Olive oil, avocado, fish, these are all sources of healthy fats that will contribute to a great energy level throughout your diet while reducing the sensation of hunger and promoting weight loss.

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