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When You’re In Trouble – Who You Gonna Call?



‘In trouble’ can mean so many things but sounds more like a naughty child being told off. Yet in life, there are many situations that will mean that you find yourself in trouble, and a lot of the time it’s through no fault of your own. And in those situations, it’s important to know who to call to make things better. Some are straight forward, but others have answers that you might not think of at first.

In many cases, the first point of call would be the police, ambulance or fire service. And you should never worry about calling them. If you think someone is following you, call the police, don’t wait until they are dragging you away to wish that you had. If you are in the wrong, it might seem unnatural, but making a statement with the police can only help you in the long run before things progress.

Offense To You

Anytime someone commits a crime against you, be that physical harm, car accident or a breach of contract. The first person you call should be your attorney. If you don’t have a lawyer in speed dial, then look at a firm which deals with a few different types of law, and has a high win-count. Your next call should be to any insurance you have that covers the damage – health insurance, car insurance, house insurance. If it is a work related incident then also call your HR manager for advice on how to proceed.

Criminal Offense

If you have committed or been accused of committing a criminal offence of any kind, then you need a criminal defense attorney. Make sure that they have a good reputation, and look into whether your insurance will cover part of the fees. If you can’t afford a lawyer, then there are many no-win no-fee lawyers, and failing that a court will appoint one for you.


It goes without saying that divorce is horrible for everyone, and it can be incredibly messy. You need a divorce lawyer even if your break is civil and amiable, to unravel the legal binding of your wedding. If things are more complicated, with property, assets and children involved, then you’re going to be more than grateful for having a good lawyer. If children are involved, then a family lawyer might be the better option.


Any financial issues you have can always be helped by a financial attorney. An expert will be able to look at whatever issue you are having and be able to fix it. If it’s something like debt, then a debt management charity will be able to give you educated and helpful advice. The government offers free advice for small financial troubles, mostly household and new businesses, anything bigger than that you will want to consult an attorney.