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5 Reasons To Buy Eco-Friendly Diamonds

Environmental awareness is almost everywhere. More and more people are getting conscious
of being eco-friendly and are making mindful choices in:

 Sustainable development.
 Food and food packaging.
 Recycling.
 Conserving natural resources and so on.

So, it should not be surprising that this choice extends to diamonds too. Indeed, socially
responsible customers are asking for diamonds that are:
 Conflict-free.
 Lab-created and
 Eco-friendly.

Here are some of the top reasons to buy eco-friendly diamonds.

You will own a masterpiece in more ways than one

Imagine telling people the story behind the diamond. It has all the properties of a natural
diamond but it has been nurtured in a lab, in a cleaner environment and using much less
energy than digging up a diamond in some mine. No dirt and mud were displaced to find your
stone. No human beings had to go through sweat and toil and more importantly, there is not
even a whiff of ‘blood diamond’ tag that can be attached to your precious stone.

Getting accurate about its origin

A lot of people have woken up to the reality of conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. You
really would not like your favorite ring or other jewelry to be associated with war and strife
and violence, isn’t it? But, even if you know your diamond store completely, can you be 100%
confident that the stones were not sourced from countries that are troubled?

Well, with eco-friendly diamonds, you can be completely certain that they come with peace
and in peace too! Isn’t that an interesting angle to start a conversation with?

Plenty of choice in the market

Thanks to the ever-rising consciousness about eco-friendly diamonds, there is a veritable
cornucopia of choice in the marketplace today. So, you can look for a seller who is:
 Cost-effective.
 Can give you support in terms of recycled gold and platinum too.
 Design advice when it comes to making and crafting jewelry
 Open about his sourcing, creating and selling process and
 Willing to give you certifications for your diamonds too.

The point is to minimize diamonds and precious metals sourced from environmentally –
devastating mines. And this is where the vast range of sellers can help you tremendously.

Recycling an heirloom

Apart from lab-grown diamonds, you can also go eco-friendly by looking for an heirloom
diamond. Vintage jewelry and even pieces of jewelry worn by your forefathers will have good

quality diamonds. So, why not recycle these precious stones? In most cases, you only need to
invest a bit of time and energy in cleaning up these stones and re-using them in your choice of
rings, pendants and earrings and so on.
Here again, you will be creating a legacy that you can be proud of. You will not only be
channeling the history and tradition of an heirloom piece but you will also be adding your
unique story to it. Apart from looking at your family, you may also like to look at:

 Auctions.
 Pawn shops.
 Estate sales.
 Jewelry stores.
 Jewelers and so on.


A lot of people do buy diamonds as an investment. So, it is difficult to put a price on this
precious stone. After all, it is the value proposition that comes with a stone and not its price
tag isn’t it? But in a lot of cases, eco-friendly diamonds (whether you source it from a labor
from a pawn shop or use a family heirloom) can prove to be much more than their price tags.
The depreciation factor has already been taken care of and you are left with a stone that is
highly valuable but has not cost you an arm and a foot.

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