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How A Good Sleep Can Make You Look Younger


It’s just as Papa used to say: everything in moderation for a healthy life. Unfortunately, the modern world of exercise fads and crash diets doesn’t seem to agree with me. When it comes to good health and good beauty, no one seems to take the role of a good night’s rest into account, though it can be as important as anything else. Diet and exercise are important, of course, but they all work in conjunction with each other, and sleep is an important part of the equation, letting the benefits of the other two parts of the equation work more effectively.

Sleep is something which we still don’t know much about, but we do know that it is when the maintenance of our body takes place. Sleep is important. For more details of sleep as a whole, go here.

Sleep is Relaxing

One thing which can help the way we look immensely is relaxation, and sleep is the ultimate way of relaxing. Many people show their stress on their face and neck, and the skin therefore becomes irritated – dry and itchy, possibly oily in parts – and overall not very aesthetically pleasing at all.

Sleep takes away stress, and being well-rested can act to make you better able to cope with worry in your day to day life, so try and get a good amount of shut-eye every night. Sleep will help your blood flow more smoothly, which will bring fresh blood to the veins and capillaries of your skin, making them bloom and look fresh, rather than looking pale and pasty.

Fewer Wrinkles

Your muscles relax when you sleep – on your face, this means that any wrinkles which they habitually fall into during the day will be gone, or at least be lighter than they were. Take advantage of this by putting on specific creams or moisturizers during the night which act to firm your skin up, and have anti-aging properties.

Putting cream on your face during the night means that you can take advantage of being asleep to help your skin repair itself – there are lots of creams out there to help you, so find one that works for you.

More Moisturising Time

Putting moisturizer on at any time of the day is a good thing, but putting it on during the night gives you the added benefit of being able to stay in one place for a longer stretch of time. Putting moisturizer on your skin at night is good because you have washed all of the accumulated dirt of the day off your skin (and if you think you weren’t dirty, take a bath sometime instead of showering. You might find it enlightening.). The moisturizer has fewer barriers in the way of getting into your skin, and it has longer to do its work, leaving you with fresh and soft looking skin when you get up the next morning.

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