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Catalonia Crisis: Spain’s PM Mariano Rajoy to Address Campaign Meeting


Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will visit Catalonia for the first time since he imposed direct rule on the north-eastern region two weeks ago.

Mariano Rajoy has called regional elections for December and will address a campaign meeting of his center-right party.

On November 11, some 750,000 people protested in Barcelona against the detention of Catalan leaders.

Several Catalan officials were held after the regional government made a unilateral declaration of independence.

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The Catalan crisis was sparked by a disputed referendum held in the region in October, which had been barred by the Spanish courts.

According to Catalan officials, the independence campaign won 92% of the vote, from a turnout of 43%. Many of those who were against independence did not cast votes, refusing to recognize the legitimacy of the referendum.

Spain’s government responded to the referendum by dissolving the Catalan parliament, imposing direct rule, and calling a snap regional election on December 21.

Since the crackdown by Madrid, Catalonia’s sacked President Carles Puigdemont has gone into self-imposed exile in Belgium, and his top allies have been prosecuted.

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