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5 important steps to creating a profitable business


While thinking of a business idea is relatively easy, it takes skill, patience and determination to build a thriving company that can stand the test of time. Get one thing wrong and your dream could crash and burn, so with this in mind here are five important steps to creating a profitable business.

  1. Be organized and efficient

As an employee, most of the daily organizational tasks are thought of for you. You’re just a cog in the wheel. When you it go alone and head up your own business, however, it’s essential to be efficient from the start to avoid ending up in a confused mess down the line. There’s plenty to think about from purchasing assets to reporting employee wages and salaries, so it’s important to come up with a well thought out business plan and to implement it in a structured way.

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  1. Understand your finances

If you don’t have a firm understanding of your finances from the word go, it will be hard to make a success of your business. As an entrepreneur, you must keep an eye on the numbers including: cash flow; net income; profit and loss; sales; price point (the price at which to sell a product/service in order to make a profit), gross margin and total inventory.

Looking over your figures once a year is simply not enough. Instead, you need to monitor price movements and financial-related issues on a regular basis.

  1. Build a trustworthy and talented team

Behind every successful company is a trustworthy and talented team. Employees with a lazy, negative or unenthusiastic attitude can be bad for business, so instead look for bright, talented and conscientious individuals who will bring a sense of urgency and innovation to their role. While the interview process is never easy, be sure to browse through resumes thoroughly – looking beyond the ‘too good to be true’ track record – and give potential employees a trial period to see if they are up to scratch.

  1. Have a high-speed internet connection

Whether your company is entirely internet based or has an online element, having a high-speed internet connection is important – especially if you rely on real-time data as in the trading industry. There is simply no time to sit and wait for pages to buffer when digital competition is fierce, so be sure to utilize the newest in connective technology. Not only will this allow for easier and faster collaboration with your business partners or clients, a seamless connection will also boost your reputation giving you a strong and reliable online presence.

  1. Track your progress

To create a profitable business, you must stay on the ball. Monitoring campaigns is of paramount importance and you can do this by setting Key Performance Indicators frequently referred to as KPIs. These are measurable values that demonstrate whether or not you are achieving your company objectives. If you want to improve brand awareness through social media, for instance, you may challenge yourself to get 1000 new followers on Facebook or Twitter over a set time.  You can then check to see if you are meeting this objective or if you need to rethink your strategy.

Running a business is far from easy but with a considerable amount of hard work, a talented team and a firm grasp of your figures, it is possible.


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