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Best Way to Clean Up Your Yard in Autumn


Such a troublemaker…

Having an extravagant garden is lovely in spring and summer, but when the autumn comes, the once beautiful green leaves become a nuisance. If you are looking for an efficient way to remove all of them out of your yard, you have
found the right place.

If you click on a gardening website, you can see specific methods available, including using the right tools and raking smartly. They save you from an unpleasant backache after a long time working vigorously in your yard. However, none of them are the best one, because the cleaning is still all of hardship and toils.

…will go away by a vacuum mulcher!!

No more sweats for you this autumn. Find a vacuum mulcher, and you are free of the nuisance. The countless leaves will disappear in just a blink and turn into a package of ground material.

What is a vacuum mulcher?

It is a leaf vacuum with the mulching function integrated. The suck-and- grind machine will collect all the leaves on your way and mulch them into tiny pieces. There is a large bag attached to the device, which is easy to put on remove, to store the debris.

Of course, there are left vacuums without the grinding blade. However, unground leaves take more place in the bag so you will have to stop to do the disposing task more often. The machines are designed for a wide range of yard sizes, so make sure you find a vacuum mulcher which is suitable for your household.

Why should I find a vacuum mulcher?

A vacuum mulcher will reduce the quantity of the leaf pile you have collected, which saves your time and energy. Besides, if you are planning to use the leaves for composting, you should know that shredded material is more accessible to break down and turn into natural fertilizer for your garden.

In fact, dried leaves from a large shade tree may be as beneficial as $50 worth of plant food. If you have trouble making leaf pile compost in the past, now may be the time for a change.

Moreover, a vacuum mulcher is more useful than other garden cleansing tools you can find. Sometimes while raking the yard, you must have noticed leaves stuck in awkward corners that require you to bend down and get them out by hand.

Now, with the device, all you have to do is to reach the crevice, turn the vacuum mode on and get rid of the persistent debris. Manufacturers intentionally design the suction hoses to be long and flexible enough to go down under the fence, behind the landscapes and between large bushes.

What to be noted while using a vacuum mulcher

You should only vacuum when it’s dry

I know you are eager the try the new gardening tool right after you bring it home from the store. However, some types of weather are not ideal for the vacuuming function.

Leaves and grass clippings are infamous to be hard to remove when they are wet. Unless you are planning to get rid of them by hand, it is tough to separate them from the surface they are on. On the other hand, dry leaves are less resistant so that you can lift them off the ground quickly by both a leaf vacuum and a rake.

Besides, the too dry weather is also not suitable for vacuuming or blowing leaves. You may trigger a pile of dust and send it to the atmosphere.

Be a good neighbor

You should keep in mind that a vacuum mulcher, just like other gardening machines, can be incredibly noisy. Will you feel irritated when be awakened from a sound sleep by the unpleasant noise from your neighbor’s cleansing? Me, too. So, respect people around you by choosing the right time to do your gardening.

Protect yourself

Leaf vacuuming seems safer than blowing since the debris will not be tossed everywhere and hit your eyes by accident. However, since the leaf vacuums often have the blowing function, you should wear the proper outfit to protect yourself from unwanted situations.

That means you should have a pair of gloves, sturdy shoes, long pants, and protecting googles. Your ears may need some covering, too, in case the noise gets too loud.


Will you find a vacuum mulcher for your garden after reading the article? We hope you have seen the advantages the useful tool can bring about. If you have any question about the topic, please leave it right here. We are eager to answer your queries at any time.


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