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Russia Election Hacking: First Charges Filed in Robert Mueller’s Investigation

According to new reports, the first charges have been filed in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller into alleged Russia interference in the 2016 election.

However, it was not clear what the charges were and who they targeted, CNN and Reuters reported quoting unnamed sources.

According to CNN, anyone charged could be taken into custody as soon as Monday.

US intelligence agencies said earlier this year the Russian government sought to help Donald Trump win the election.

According to the document, Russia led a campaign to “denigrate” Hillary Clinton by hacking into email accounts and paying social media “trolls” to make nasty comments.

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Robert Mueller’s investigation is looking into any links between Russia and the Trump campaign. Both deny there was any collusion.

The charges, approved by a federal grand jury in Washington, are sealed under orders from a federal judge, the reports added.

A spokesman for Robert Mueller has declined to comment on the reports. His team is known to have conducted extensive interviews with several current and former White House officials.

The former FBI director was appointed by the DoJ as special counsel in May shortly after President Trump fired FBI director James Comey.

On October 27, President Trump tweeted that it was now “commonly agreed” that there was no collusion between him and Russia, but said that there were links between Moscow and Hillary Clinton.

Republican lawmakers have said that a uranium deal with a Russian company in 2010, when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, was sealed in exchange for donations to Bill Clinton’s charity.

An investigation has been opened into the case. Democrats say it is an attempt to divert attention from the alleged ties between Russia and Donald Trump.

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