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Emmanuel Macron’s Dog Nemo Filmed While Urinating on Elysée Fireplace


French President Emmanuel Macron’s dog Nemo has been filmed while urinating on a fireplace at the Elysée palace.

The video shows the black Labrador-Griffon cross relieving himself in the background as President Macron talks with three junior members of his government.

“I wondered what that noise was,” says the junior minister for ecology, Brune Poirson, who had previously been talking, as they all laugh.

Emmanuel Macron then says that Nemo has done something “quite exceptional”.

The incident was captured by French TV station TF1, which was recording the discussion.

Image source The Guardian

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Junior minister for planning Julien Denormandie asks if this is something that “happens often”.

Emmanuel Macron responds: “You’ve triggered completely unusual behavior in my dog.”

Nemo appeared in Emmanuel Macron’s entourage in August, continuing a tradition of French presidents having a “first dog”.

Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte reportedly bought him from an animal rescue centre for €250.

It is not the first time a French first dog has caused trouble for its master. According to French investigative website Mediapart, President Nicolas Sarkozy’s dogs damaged valuable furniture in the Elysée palace that cost thousands of euros to restore.

According to the Guardian, Jacques Chirac’s miniature white Maltese, Sumo, became unhappy at having to leave the Elysée with its spacious garden and began attacking the former president.

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