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The most popular myths about virtual private networks

Everyone needs protection. And if you feel that you stay protected enough in the real world, you still feel not safe because of cyber world threats. Now the most popular tool for remaining absolutely private and secure in the daily usage of Worldwide Web is a virtual private network. Although these systems exist for a long time, they still bring confusion due to presence of several myths among users. If you want to choose the right service without becoming confused, read on.

5 myths about virtual private networks:

  1. Virtual private networks cooperate with our governments, disclosing all suspicious activities we make. The key purpose of any virtual private network – to make your internet usage available only for you. Any service on http://bestvpnrating.com/ considers privacy and reputation at top places and there is no interest for them in disclosing your personal information;
  2. Virtual private networks provide the same quality of service: Most think of a VPNs market as a market of perfect competition where the level of security always remains the same. But that is not so. There are still top notch services with higher quality (typically, their prices stay higher) and more affordable services with lower quality. If you pay more for the service, you know why do you do that;
  3. With free virtual private network my internet usage can still be private: Although free VPNs still provide security and encrypt your data flow, don’t forget that any provider should somehow earn revenues to cover costs. So, if there is no provider’s fees, providers will do that with adds or selling your data to IT companies;
  4. Virtual private networks always lower internet speed. Although encrypting data flows takes time, modern services learned how to make the internet the same way fast as without VPN. So if you feel that your test version of VPN works slower – change it to a faster one;
  5. With VPN my Internet is almost secure: Reliable VPN will never replace antivirus programs and your awareness. Even though VPN is active, avoid visiting suspicious sites and downloading apps from not reliable developers. With the right service, you are still under a threat of installing malware or getting phishing messages, which may help hackers reach important files.

How to avoid mistakes choosing your provider?

There are a lot of virtual private network offerings on the Internet and it is up to you to choose exactly the one, which satisfies your expectations. Think carefully, why do you need privacy, which operations you are going to perform and use your answers to choose a provider, which satisfies your expectations. If you are not sure that the information on advertisements is worth relying on, read VPN reviews. Written by experienced professionals, these reviews will reveal an unbiased view on any interested provider so you will not make a mistake with your choice.

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