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Catalonia Independence: Spain’s Constitutional Court Suspends Catalan Parliament’s Session


Spain’s Constitutional Court has decided to suspend October 9 session of Catalan parliament, in a bid to pre-empt a possible push for independence.

According to the court, such a move would be “a breach of the constitution”.

Earlier PM Mariano Rajoy warned Catalonia’s regional government against declaring independence after a disputed vote on October 1.

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont had indicated that he could make such a declaration at next week’s session.

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The court’s ruling on October 5 upheld a challenge by Catalonia’s Socialist Party, which opposes secession from Spain, and not from the government in Madrid.

Allowing the regional parliament to meet and declare independence, the court said, would violate the rights of the party’s lawmakers.

An earlier ruling by the court aimed at stopping October 1 vote was ignored by Catalonia’s leaders. That challenge to the court had come from Spain’s government, which condemned the referendum as illegal.

Organizers of October 1 vote put the turnout at 42%, with 2.2 million people taking part. They say 90% voted for independence, however they have not published final results. There have been several claims of irregularities.

There was violence at polling stations as police, trying to enforce a Spanish court decision to ban the vote, attempted to seize ballot boxes and disperse voters.

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