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Five ways to overcome testosterone decline


Testosterone is usually known as the male sex hormone. The testicles produce the hormone. The hormone is also present in women’s bodies. For the female ovaries to function properly, testosterone is a necessary hormone albeit in a minimal amount.

Testosterone is the primary key player in the male’s reproductive and sexual life. This reason is why it has links with manhood. Testosterone is responsible for giving men their defined muscles and helps them grow faster. It is in charge of the bone structure and hair growth in addition to the voice changes and other male features.

Starting from the age of 30, men will start to witness a decline in the levels of testosterone. The decline is not significant. It is gradual but continuous. Men will start to experience a lower sex drive and a decreased libido. This fact will put them at a risk of prostate enlargement and even cancer. The gradual decline in testosterone levels makes men lose their muscle mass. The body starts to store more fat, especially around the belly. The muscles and bones density start to decline. With less testosterone, men will be more stressed and tensed. Pollution, chemicals and unhealthy lifestyle can accelerate the process, thus leaving men with less testosterone and more health threats.

Since maintaining healthy levels of testosterone is not only associated with being a macho man, you need to keep your testosterone levels in check to live healthily. This fact is the reason why there are a lot of ways people can employ to maintain their levels of testosterone for as much as possible.

How to Overcome Testosterone Decline?

Fortunately, researchers and scientists have come up with ways and techniques that can help people counter the adverse effects of declining testosterone. You can consider these to keep your hormonal levels in check for a healthier lifestyle.


  • Naturally Boosting Your Testosterone Level:


Using the best testosterone booster will not add more testosterone to your body. Steroids will directly add more testosterone to your system, but testosterone boosters encourage your body to produce more of this crucial hormone. So do testosterone boosters work? As a matter of fact, yes and they work way better than steroids because they ensure that your testosterone levels are within the normal range to avoid any side effects.

Most testosterone boosters will contain natural ingredients like zinc, ginseng and Vitamin D3. These natural ingredients are safe to use and will positively influence the production of your testosterone. They can also improve the health of your sperm.

Zinc and D3 are naturally found in food. But in order to get the recommended amount of these substances, you will have to maintain a healthy eating regimen which can be challenging to a lot of people. This is why a lot of people resort to taking the best testosterone booster to keep their hormonal levels in the best shape possible.


  • Avoiding Gender-Bending Chemicals:


Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals are in most of the products that we use every single day. Unfortunately, these chemicals hurt the hormones that our bodies produce. These compounds limit the production of testosterone in the male body and influence the glands to produce more feminine hormones.

These chemicals don’t only affect adults but also children. They fundamentally alter the natural ratio of male to female hormones which hurt sex differentiating traits. Young boys and men will start to have more prominent man boobs and a smaller muscle mass. Avoiding these chemicals can have a positive effect on your body and emotional well-being.


  • Maintaining a Healthy Eating Style:


A lot of people don’t understand that weight gain has links associated with most health problems, including testosterone decline. Maintaining a healthy weight is not that easy when you have to spend long hours sitting behind a desk. The busy lifestyle will make fast food more appealing.

But the truth is that fast food is packed with unhealthy fats that will be stored in your body. These fats affect the production of your testosterone. An enzyme called aromatase will start to turn the testosterone in your body to estrogen. The estrogen will further encourage the creation of more fat cells that mainly store this extra fat in your belly.This vicious cycle only ends if you start to eat healthily.  Reducing sugar and carbohydrates will prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. You shouldn’t avoid eating fats altogether since they give you the energy you need. Instead, you should opt for the kinds of food that have healthy fats. This diet will include nuts and fatty fish.


  • Exercise:


Regular exercise will not only keep your body in shape but will also keep your hormones in check. HITT which is a high-intensity exercise followed by short resting periods helps increase your metabolism and accelerate the rate of fat burning. They also improve the production of testosterone.

Compound exercises are excellent because you work a lot of muscles at the same time. This fact means that you will get the best results over a shorter period. As your body starts to burn more fats, it will not convert the testosterone to estrogen.


  • Relax and Reduce Stress:


Every time you fall under stress, your body will start producing a hormone called Cortisol. It mainly helps you cope with and defend against potential dangers. But as a result, your body will start to produce less of other hormones including testosterone.

A stressful emergency situation will not harm you as much as continuous stress does. This constant and regular stress will keep your Cortisol high, which permanently affects the amount of testosterone in your body. Using yoga and meditation can help you better cope with stressful situations. This fact is essential for your health and well-being.

Testosterone decline is a natural part of ageing. But you don’t have to see the worst side of it. These physical and practical methods can substantially decrease the rate of testosterone decline thus saving your body from the adverse effects. These are natural ways that will not harm your body in the long run and can be applied simultaneously for the best results.

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