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How to Throw the Ultimate End of Summer Pool Party


You’re a cool mom. You’re hip, you can identify at least 3 of every 5 songs on the hip hop station and you host the most brag-worthy sleepover parties on the block. It’s clear you know what you’re doing but it’s time to step up your game because you’re about to throw the ultimate pool party. And not just any pool party, no, this will be the pool party of the summer, a party that will boost your kiddo’s coolness level and leave other mom’s reminiscing about it well into the school year.

What’s a Party Without Music?

The best way to set the theme of a party is to pump out beach worthy tunes. We’re talking some ska bands and reggae mixed in with some of the bigger hits on the radio. It’s almost like your own personal DJ, but it’s you so it’s free. Mix up a bumpin’ playlist before the party and save it to your phone so it’s ready to stream over Bluetooth at the click of a button.

If anyone in the house already has the Galaxy S8 or the iPhone 7, then you’re in luck, these phones are water resistant and perfect accessories for your pool party, not to mention for the rest of the year to come. If you don’t have a Bluetooth sound system already in place then you can invest in floating pool speakers, the next best thing. There are multiple version of floating speakers available, but try something that doubles as a neon pool light, like the LED Floating Bluetooth Speaker.

Get the Party Started with a Squirt Gun Station

Having stations around the pool area is a great way to encourage the fun to begin and last all day long. The best way to encourage folks to get into the pool is to start by giving a child a squirt gun, encourage him to super soak his dad and then watch as his dad picks him up and does a cannon ball into the pool with him in his arms.

Get a five-gallon bucket and fill it with warm water (it’s better than being hit with cold water) and dump a handful of guns in there primed and ready to douse.

Pool Party Games and Entertainment

Games for all ages will ensure entertainment at any hour, especially if the party rolls into the evenings. We all know that hot days often result in hot nights, so pool time is never really over. To keep things fun bring some yard games for the kiddos so they can take a break from the pool, and toss a few floating games into the water for adults to encourage a little swim time for them too.

Another brilliant way to spruce up your pool and max out the fun is to add a slide onto the edge. We’re not talking anything permanent or expensive either. There are tons of slide options for pools from inflatables to hard sided slides that can be constructed with ease.

Snow Cone Stand to Keep Things Cool

A snow cone stand is a great accessory for your pool party simply because it can also be used throughout the rest of the summer, pool party time or not. Who doesn’t love a snow cone? Set up a stand so parents can take their kids up their, scoop some shaved snow into a cone, and then let them decorate with various bottles of flavoring put out on the table. Kids love being able to do things themselves, and since your outside it won’t create too much of a mess and the kids can easily clean off with a quick dip in the pool.

Plan for the After Party

If you want your party to be a big hit, consider constructing and outdoor white screen to project a movie onto for kids that are winding down for the night, especially if your pool party is doubling as a sleepover. This is yet another change to give adults a shot at having some fun. Toss floating orb lights into the water or hot tub and enjoy a little relaxation time poolside, or go the cheaper route and throw handfuls of glow sticks into the pool for a delightful evening light show!

If you want to add some other fun lighting options to your pool as the party progresses into the night, consider buying an Aqua Jet Fountain with LED neon lights. Light up tiered fountains are a great way to add personality to your pool and create a fun ambiance for the kids that want to go for an evening swim without worrying about dark water!

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