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7 Ways the Construction Industry Can Work Through the Labor Shortage


Over the past few years, the building and construction industries have been facing the many challenges that come with a worker shortage. Although there are numerous education, training and governmental initiatives available, companies still need to do everything they can to entice laborers in the work place. The following are 7 strategies that can assist you in engaging employees and boosting the visibility of your businesses brand.

Embrace Technology                 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has seen significant growth in the job market. But not all industries are having an easy time of it when hiring employees, especially in the labor workforce. Younger employees have grown up using technology and some may even depend on it. Although you may not be familiar with today’s technological advances, your company can grow and expand when you embrace it. You can incorporate the use of technology in your workplace through apps, smartphones and tablets. As you grow accustomed to the latest updates, you can switch to a total upgrade by using software that is made specifically for the construction industry. When you present your business as modernized and techy-savvy, you’ll be surprised at the network of candidates you’ll be able to acquire.

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Engage Employees Through Social Media Platforms

Businesses in the construction industry rely on skilled professionals to get the job done. According to AllClimateRoofing.com, “Getting factory trained individuals can be challenging in today’s labor shortage. That’s why we  are using social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to hire workers.”

But to encourage the best, you need to do more than post a position. Employers also need to engage prospective candidates by starting a conversation and to respond to a very important question: “How does a construction job start?“. Applicants will then have an outlet where they can comment, ask questions and provide helpful feedback.

Publish Newsworthy Information

It may get exhausting for a company to simply post job listings. If you’re looking to attract experienced candidates, you want to post newsworthy information. This can include newsletters, blogs and information related to today’s industry. Through this avenue, you’ll be able to boost your company’s visibility. You can also increase your company’s profile by publishing product updates and news that will entice job seekers to your business.

Place Existing Employees in the Spotlight

An employee who enjoys their work and place of business, may share updates or make posts on social media. This form of activity can engage others who may be thinking about applying for a position within your company. You can also place existing co-workers in the spotlight either weekly or monthly. Whether the employee works in production, accounting, customer service or within a specific field, you’ll develop a great connection to both current and future employees by featuring star workers. Comments can include their years of employment, position held within the company and strengths.

Welcome New Employees

Once you’ve hired a candidate, you can make your new employee feel welcome by posting their profile on your business website. The additional visibility also shows your following that you value the workers that you hire for your firm. It could also encourage other laborers in the industry to consider your company over the other many organizations.

Offer a Sneak Peak of Day-to-Day Duties

The day-to-day duties of a company may vary and be dependent on the type of job offered. You can entice prospective laborers by offering a blog or video post of what a day in the life of your business could be like. This sneak preview can be personalized to fit the profile of a project manager, laborer or other position that your company offers.

Take a Targeted Approach to Your Search

If you post your job on the Internet or in an advertisement, you may not get the candidates that will suit your position. To ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for, you can take a targeted approach to your search. You can place your employment postings on a college or university message board. Expert workers could also be found by staying connected to trade schools in the area.

With the boost in the economy in recent years, many job sectors are finding the market to be heading toward positive territory. But while construction businesses are looking to capitalize on the building boon, some companies are lacking the right skilled workers. By putting the above tips into motion, you can grow your business and overcome the shortage in the labor industry.