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How to Choose the Right Dance Shoes


If you have taken a few dance lessons and are starting to get serious about dance, it might be time to purchase a pair of appropriate shoes that will not hurt your feet. A good pair of shoes will help you to dance better and they will last longer.

Here are some tips that will help you choosing the right pair of dance shoes:

They Should Fit Like a Glove

When trying on a pair of dance shoes, ensure that they fit snugly without applying too much pressure on your feet. This will allow you to have better control over your shoes after you break them in. This means that you should go at least half a size down when buying dance shoes.

You can get the right pair of shoes at an affordable price on the internet by visiting sites such as JustforKix.com or similar where you will find well-fitting shoes that will take your dance skills to the next level.

Heel Heights

If you are taking ballroom or Latin dance classes, opt for a heel size of between 1.5 and 3 inches. As a beginner, pay attention to choose a height that gives you the maximum comfort. If you have never worn heels in your life, consider starting with a lower height.

You also have to choose between different heel shapes, including flared and slim. A flared heel is good because it provides more stability. For men’s shoes, a one-inch heel is ideal for ballroom dance styles while a 1.5” is made for Latin dance styles. Unless you are in a dance competition, a one-inch heel is ideal for both dance styles.

Closed Vs. Open Toe

In general, open toe shoes are worn for rhythm and Latin dances like swing and salsa, which require the dancers to point their toes and articulate their feet. With open toed shoes, you will be able to point your toes easily and execute your footwork in a precise manner.

On the other hand, closed shoes are for smooth dances like the foxtrot and waltz.

Unless you have already picked a particular dance, you can choose any shoe style that you like. However, beginners should stick to wearing closed shoes to prevent other beginners from stepping on their toes.

Suede Sole Shoe

For your dance shoes, a suede sole is recommended because it gives traction, allowing you to have more control and feel more balanced. You need to scrub the sole using a wire shoe brush to maintain its rough texture.

Buying Shoes In-Store vs. Online

Whether you buy your shoes in a physical store or online, visit a dance supply shop to try on a similar pair. Because shoe sizes change depending on the brand. Compare different sizes and models to make sure that you have the right fit. Once you do that, you will be able to make online purchases feeling confident they will be the right fit.


The cost of Latin and ballroom dance shoes ranges between 80 and 300 dollars per pair depending on the quality and brand. For about 200 dollars, you can get a pair of high quality dancing shoes. It is worth to spend a bit more because a high quality pair of shoes will offer more support and last longer.


The number one thing that kills a shoe is moisture. Think about buying a shoe tree that will absorb any moisture from your shoes and maintain their shape. Additionally, if you want to fight shoe odor, get cedar shoe trees.

Keep in mind that dance shoes are not made to last long because of frequent use and the delicate materials they are made of. If you want to extend the life of your shoes, buy two pairs and alternate them.