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How to Change Your Life with Online Dating


We say that we are tired of awkward dates and yet we find ourselves once again sitting in a restaurant with the latest guy who is just not right for us. At some point, we have to realize that we’re not going to find our soulmate in our small towns or boring suburbs and we’ll need to turn to new opportunities, even when they seem frightening. When I realized that my personal life consisted of a series of lousy dates and boyfriends going nowhere in life, I decided to try online dating. Since I didn’t want to meet men who go online to cheat on their wives, or weirdos who just want to kill the time, I decided to go with the global platform VictoriaHearts.com. It’s a dating site with a paid subscription that focuses on a meaningful relationship. Read my VictoriaHearts review to learn about my story and may it inspire you to break the cycle of love failures and expand your horizons in landing your true love, once and for all.

Take the Time to Examine Your Dating Platform

I am one of those types who always reads the instructions. So I started my exploration of VictoriaHearts.com by reading all the materials that were available to me as a guest. First, I read the feedbacks of existing members.  They were rather positive and seemed to be real.

Then I visited the Refund policy tab. I was glad to read that Victoria Hearts promised to return all “credits” (the site’s currency) to my account if I had been scammed. To be honest, one of the main reasons I hadn’t registered on dating sites for years is because the prospect of being fooled intimidated me. Also, this policy allows me to get all my unspent money back if I decide to delete my account. Sounds like a fair deal, doesn’t it?

Then there’s its Privacy policy, which states that VictoriaHearts “take reasonable security measures to help safeguard personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure”. And that’s very important taking into account the threat of  photographs, videos or personal information being stolen.

On the Billing policy page, I found information about the advantages of having Premium status on VictoriaHearts.com. Members who haven’t upgraded their accounts can’t even send messages. They are only able to view the profiles of other members. So you can be sure that each man who texts you has already invested in a Premium account and is really interested in building a relationship.

Keep Calm and Join Victoria Hearts

I am an ambitious woman with a successful career so I know the importance of paying for high-quality service. I also know the importance of making a serious effort in all my endeavors, which is why I entered the all the necessary information in the Sign Up form when creating my account on VictoriaHearts.

Then I confirmed my e-mail address by clicking on the Sign In tab, which made my profile visible to other members. Within minutes, I started receiving messages, which was a pleasant surprise. I felt sought after and, like any other woman, I enjoyed this feeling.

When you sign in for the first time, Victoria Hearts asks you to fill in several questionnaires to set your romantic goals, share some personal information and describe your ideal partner.

The site’s algorithms use this information to help you find men who can be the right match for you.

The first questionnaire is about the kind of man you are looking for on VictoriaHearts.com. How old should he be? What height? Does he smoke? Does he have children? Does he want to have more children? These are examples of some of the questions that you will be asked, and what’s great is that you can either answer or skip them.

The second questionnaire is about you. I recommend that you don’t hold back and share some personal information, particularly since there’s a guarantee on your information being secure. That’s especially the case if you want men of your type to write you first.

As my experience would later tell me, your profile is the key to success. A good one can draw wide attention and boost your chances of finding Mr. Right. So be ready to share info like your country of residence, level of education, occupation, number of children, as well as describe your body type.

And if you still have something left to say, you can mention more details about who you are and what man you aspire to attract in the “Describe Yourself” form, which other members will see.

The final phase of your profile creation is uploading your photo. You can attach an old one or post a new one using your web camera. But be aware that Victoria Hearts women are serious when it comes to the competitiveness of online dating, with many of them posting pics done by professional photographers.

First Impression of VictoriaHearts.com

Attention skeptics! Just taking a quick glimpse of the profiles of the guys at VictoriaHearts should alleviate any worries about the quality of men the website attracts.

Its design makes flipping through profiles, saving them and taking the first step towards contact a stress-free, and even fun experience. I don’t like to text others from my mobile devices, but for those who do, the mobile version of VictoriaHearts is as good as the site itself.

I know precisely what kind of man I am looking for. That’s why the simple search option, which allows me to perform a search simply based on age, isn’t my favorite. I prefer using the extended search, which allows me to identify more characteristics of the man of my dreams, including his country and city of residence, marital status and number of children, smoking and drinking habits, level of education and religion.

What’s unique about VictoriaHearts.com – something I haven’t seen on any other dating platform – is its playful Faces search option. It presents you with photos of only the faces of its members. You can select and save those you like, or simply click to skip to see the next profile photo. Once you’ve come to the realization (as I had) that there are enough quality men to make Victoria Hearts a prime dating destination, upgrade your account by clicking the orange button on the right side to get to the fun part, which is the chance to chat and exchange messages with them. You’d be surprised at how many late nights you’ll end up spending laughing and sharing intimate moments in your life, without even noticing where the time went! I find it easy to get quality conversations out of the Victoria Hearts community, which is part of its strategy of paying for quality.

VictoriaHearts.com uses a secure 128-bit encryption to protect members from hackers. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of your financial information, as well as photos and videos. With your Premium status, you can use instant messaging, view private photos and videos of other members and send them virtual gifts. Also, you will get access to all your stats.

In case of any question, you can contact the support team of the Victoria Hearts dating site by clicking on the Contact Us button on the right side of your screen. I tried this out, by the way, and they were courteous and helpful, no matter how mundane my questions seemed.

My Achievements

I’ve been a member of VictoriaHearts for two months now. During this time, I’ve met more potential soulmates than I ever had in my whole life of dating. Yes, most of them live in other countries, but it doesn’t bother me as I’m ready for a big change. Last week, I received a big bunch of roses from one special man, and we are planning for a face-to-face date.  So ladies, if you feel that you’ve run out of hope and the good men are all taken or gay (ha, ha), I sincerely hope that my Victoria Hearts review will give you new encouragement not to give up and take your search for love towards a new horizon in online dating. You won’t regret it.

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