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Broadening Horizons – Your Best Bet Of Surviving Today’s Job Market


The job market at the moment is unpredictable, we can all agree with that. Graduates are coming out with student debt only to find themselves unable to land a position where they want. People of all levels of experience and training are struggling to find the place for them and choosing to settle. Many want to change careers only to find their options seem limited. That doesn’t have to be the case, however. Let’s look at how savvy job seekers are broadening their horizons so that they don’t stay as job seekers for long.

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Don’t stick to traditional job-seeking methods

We’re all aware of the most obvious of job-seeking methods: looking at listings and applying for whatever jobs appeal to you. However, if you relegate your job search to only those methods, you might be missing more opportunities than you find. There’s no reliable number as to how many jobs aren’t advertised, but it’s enough that taking a different approach can make a real difference. Networking, whether in your own personal group of past colleagues, family members, and alumni can open a lot of doors. Recruitment agencies can often help people with very specialized skills better find a position that suits those skills. If there’s an industry you want to work in, don’t be shy about simply asking to be considered for a place and leaving your resume with them, tailored to the skills relevant to what they do.

Look across the sea

If you have training in a specific industry or method of work, then you aren’t just limited to the market at home. It’s a good idea to look at the industries and skill sets that other countries are looking to build. You can find more job opportunities in a different locale and many are even willing to speed up the visa application and approval process to get you over there. Even the English language is proving a highly marketable skill, with an online ESL masters giving you the qualifications and opportunity to teach abroad. This could fulfill the dreams of many looking to teach in places like Japan, Korea, Italy, or Thailand. You could land safely in a career and experience a whole new culture at the same time.


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Take charge of your own career

If you have marketable skills, then you can go about selling them yourself. The internet has allowed more people than ever before to become their own boss and start a career in freelancing. In particular, freelance writers, marketers, graphic designers, web designers, and coders play an important part of the online economy. But your freelance career can involve you doing just about anything, even if it’s working in an administrative role as a virtual assistant for different companies and individuals.  Not everyone is suited to the challenges of a freelancer’s career, but the freedom of working for yourself and the fact you can build your wealth solely off your own success makes it an increasingly attractive prospect.

Put the odds in your favor

There are, of course, careers that are always going to be more likely to land you a job. If you’re considering a career switch, then look at the jobs most in demand nowadays. For instance, many fear that we’re seeing a decrease of trained tradesmen, which could mean that plumbing, electrician work, and construction jobs could end up being more lucrative than in the past. As mentioned, marketing is also becoming a growing force thanks to the online world, but you don’t have to work for yourself if you don’t have the drive. There are plenty of marketing agencies, big and small, looking for creative people.


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Skills: keep learning and keep evaluating

You might already have skills that make you a fit for more careers than you imagine. For instance, people who have enjoyed some success in engineering roles also tend to make for effective project managers in any other field. Teachers often go on to have a lot of success in corporate training. Managers in organizations can go on to become consultants. Besides evaluating your skills, you should look for opportunities to keep gathering new ones. If you’re unemployed and on the job search, consider looking for internships and apprenticeships. Many of them pay, but even if they don’t, they make sure you keep working on your employability with practical skills instead of just waiting to find a job.

With all the options, looking online can be your best friend. You can find remote working opportunities, networking groups, online learning services and much more. Stay connected and stay hungry. Take the initiative and your chances are a lot better of finding the career you want.