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Why You Need The Right Qualifications


Are you stuck in a job that you hate and that is offering you no opportunities for promotion? Are you fed up of giving your all between 9 and 5 and being continually overlooked for promotions? Perhaps you like your job but you know that you need to earn some more money in order to balance your household budget?

It looks like it is time for you to get better qualified! This may leave you with a feeling of dread! If you didn’t like studying at school, the prospect of heading back into a classroom to get some further qualifications can be daunting. However, there is good news. The world of learning and education has changed drastically in the last couple of decades. There are now interesting and engaging courses that you could complete that will help you to get promoted or to switch to a more fulfilling or highly paid job.

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All you have to do is decide which qualification you should pursue. You have the choice of qualifications that are highly relevant to your current position or those that are more transportable and that may help you in all jobs that you do in the future. The second option is best if you intend to change jobs. Some qualifications are also useful for your private life.

Qualifications enhance your CV

When you apply for a promotion or for a new job, you tell your prospective employer about yourself by presenting your CV. This is the way in which an employer finds out what you can bring to the role. They look carefully at your CV and decide if they want to interview you. The most impressive CVs are the ones that have a long list of qualifications on them but it is a little more complicated than that.  An employer will look at the date that you obtained the qualifications. If they were awarded a long time ago then you are not showing that you are still capable of learning new skills.

If you have recent qualifications listed on your CV is shows that you are capable of grasping new concepts and learning new skills. It also shows that you are actively improving your skill set and are committed to developing your career. No employer wants an employee who is just coasting through their job and watching the clock.

Qualifications can make up for a lack of experience

Portable qualifications are useful in any role. Some portable qualifications are very highly prized by employers and first aid qualifications are one of them. It is very easy to attend CPR classes because they are available in all locations. You can study at a time and place that suits you. This qualification is especially useful because it says several things about you as an employee. It shows that you can handle an emergency situation and that you can show both initiative and crisis management. It shows that you are capable of learning skills. You will have displayed team-working, delegation and communication skills. This can make up for your lack of experience and is highly valued by employers.

If you have used your qualifications in a real situation, for example by volunteering as a first-aider at an event or for a charity, then that is even better.

Required qualifications

Perhaps you are applying for the wrong jobs? When you look at the job description, the qualifications are usually divided into ‘required’ and ‘desired’. There is no point in applying if you do not have the ‘required’ qualifications because these will be viewed as an absolute minimum. Some professions are degree entry only. For other jobs, you may even need a higher degree such as a Master’s degree or a professional diploma. There is usually more flexibility for the ‘desired’ qualifications but in a competitive field you may lose out.

It is worth exploring the possibility of taking some further qualifications in the evenings or on-line. Your current employer may even be willing to pay for you or to let you have time off in the working week to study. After all, your employer will benefit as well!

Qualifications lead to higher salaries

It is a basic that more highly qualified people earn more money. If you don’t bother to update your qualifications you risk being stuck in the same job whilst your colleagues are promoted to the higher paid jobs.

Qualifications are not a guarantee of riches but statistics show that gaining a qualification (especially a degree) equates to higher earning potential.