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Stealth Vaping: Exhaling Within the Law and Around Others


Stealth vaping has become an important technique for many people who choose to use electronic cigarettes, especially those who work at jobs with a strict break policy. The technique involves taking a pull from the electronic cigarette without the people around you noticing.

Whether you believe that stealth vaping is okay or not is up to you: there are no real laws against it, but you can put yourself in an awkward situation with your boss or others around you just for a quick vape, rather than waiting for the proper time. If you choose to stealth vape, here are a few things to think about before you try to vape without getting caught.

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Choose a Subtle Flavoring

One of the coolest things about vaping is that you can choose from a variety of flavorings to add to your device so you can vary your experience. Sites like Element e-liquid offer everything from traditional tobacco flavoring to fruity flavors and dessert flavors. If you are going to stealth vape, you want to choose a flavoring that doesn’t have a very strong smell.

Other than the vapor cloud, the smell is the first noticeable thing for others, and keeping a low profile means using a flavor that doesn’t call attention to yourself. You may have to experiment with several different flavors that go well with the natural smells of your office or other place you plan on stealth vaping, but you should soon find one that hides pretty well.

Control Your Cloud

The number one rule for stealth vaping is to control the size of the cloud that you exhale. Your exploits won’t last very long if there is a haze hovering over your desk or cubicle. This is where the stealth comes in.

First, empty your lungs with a long exhale so you’ll have enough room. Take a pull from your device and hold it for about 15 seconds: the longer you hold it, the less vapor you’ll exhale. When you finally exhale, do so into your sleeve or some piece of fabric so that the majority of the vapor is filtered through something. Then, find an excuse to lean under your desk — drop your electronic cigarette, tie your shoe — and blow the rest out under there. This will help keep the cloud contained and should do the trick as long as you don’t try to pull it off every five minutes.

Should You Stealth Vape?

Again, the decision as to whether or not to stealth vape is up to you. Many places have no vaping policies for a reason, and you will be blatantly ignoring them if you choose to vape secretly.

Take the other people around you into your consideration before you attempt to stealth vape: some people can have negative reactions to the flavorings of your vaping, so always think about others before you take a pull.

Stealth vaping has become more popular as places crack down on the act.