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Optimistic Issue: 5 Reasons Why Positivity Is Good For Your Health


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You know the famous adage that goes like this, “What your mind will conceive, your body can achieve,” well, it’s not just a golden rule to stay sane anymore. Science proves that positive thinking is beneficial to your health.


There are countless of reasons why a person needs a daily dose of optimism every day which most people don’t know about. Keeping your mind in good shape is as vital as keeping your whole body fit.


When you have a positive view of life, your health and wellbeing will also reap benefits. On the same note, if you indulge in negative thoughts, it will only generate opposite effects and may take a toll on your health. Besides, you wouldn’t want to be called a ‘pessimist’ in the first place right?


Here are the top five reasons why you need to keep your acts together and be optimistic no matter how many slices of lemons life will throw at you.


Positive Thoughts Fight Depression



Experts reveal that thinking about positive things is a major part of treating depression. This only makes sense because psychologists even prove that depression and anxiety start from pessimistic thinking.


Of course, you cannot command yourself to be positive all the time, and it’s a fact, we’re just humans after all. But, this doesn’t mean that you will not encourage yourself to move on to the brighter side of life.


You have family and friends that you can count on whenever things are too impossible for you to handle. Don’t keep everything to yourself. You can talk, you can shout, you can even curse if everything is already unbearable because it is right for you.


Improve your ways of thinking by changing your thought patterns, gradually; your mood will change and improve.


Positivity Improves Longevity

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Many scientific studies show that optimism decreases death rate, especially among postmenopausal women.


Positive people are less likely to suffer from diabetes or hypertension compared to those who are always sulking and tends to be pessimistic most of the time.


Positive thoughts is also a game changer when it comes to your sex life. Experts claimed that positive attitude in the bedroom increases the physical intimacy and connection between the couple which lead to satisfying intercourse.


Further studies even prove that positive thinking reduces your odds of getting a severe disease like cancer and so on. On the other side of the coin, those people who keep harboring negative thoughts have a high probability of developing heart diseases and cancer.


Positivity Strengthens Your Immunity



Buddhism practices highly praise the effects of positive thinking to your body. Apart from warding off dangerous diseases, positivity also strengthens your immune system.


When a person always thinks about negative things, what happens is that some areas of your brain send harmful signals which weaken your immune system. Medical research even shows that negative thoughts and emotions cause massive electrical activity in your brain that incapacitates the immune response.


Positivity Helps You Cope With Stress Easily


Another benefit of positive thinking is that it helps you to recover faster from sickness, anxiety and even surgery. For sure, you’ve seen patients who have significant recovery after seeing their family and loved ones. That’s not a miracle, that’s the power of positivity.


Stress is a constant variable in your life that you cannot stop. It comes to everyone. Your best line of defense is to supply your mind with positive thoughts and keep the harmful effects of negativity off the shore. It’s not hard to do.


Take a look at the warm smiles of your family and friends, you’ll realize that your problems are next to nothing when you have great people on your side.


Positivity Helps In Coping Up With Stress and Hardship



It’s impossible to live a life without challenges unless you’re in a fantasy world. You will experience and face difficult times for as long as you live. That’s the bittersweet truth about life.


When you set your mind to positive mode, you’ll have better chances of coping better with hardships, and in that way, you lessen the stressors in your life. If your thoughts tell you that you are not going to accomplish a certain task, tell yourself that you’re going to achieve it using a different approach. Always feed your thoughts with positive excuses.




Come on, life is too short to spend it sulking and bathing on negativity. For every bad situation that you face, something positive will come out. Even a dead clock shows a correct time twice a day, so stay in positive in life. The best is yet to come for you.


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