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Healthcare Is Going Digital


In the modern world, everything is online these days and you might be surprised to learn that this now includes healthcare. Next time you take a trip to the doctors, have a look around. You might be surprised at how much tech there is and the important role it plays in medicine. Of course, there are lots of benefits to bringing digital tech into medicine.

Better Customer Care

A recent report revealed how little time doctors spend with patients and it’s quite shocking. It can be anything from ten minutes to one and a half hours but most visits fall closers to the former duration. Is this really enough time to give patients the care they need and a comprehensive diagnosis? It might be, but only if tech is used to gain all the information needed before the appointment. That way, treatments can be far more effective.


It is true to say that one of the greatest issues facing industries these days is data protection and the medical business is no different. Medical practices must be able to protect their patients and the only way they can do this is by handling data more effectively. One possibility is to make sure that data is no longer stored on hard drives. That’s why many clinics are now fully connected to the cloud.


Of course, the main advantage of new medical tech is about keeping things fast, effective and efficient. As well as meaning great levels of care of patients, high levels of productivity also mean that costs stay low. You can find out more in the following infographic.

Created by  The George Washington University Online Healthcare MBA Program