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10 Most Expensive Vessels In The World

Ownership of an expensive yacht signifies affluence. It is a status icon and floating luxury that the world’s wealthiest people can easily afford.

People started to conceptualize the building of large yachts for private use in the twentieth century for their personal aggrandizement.

To name a few of the early models is the famous Christina O & gorgeous Savarona with an enormous growth in making famous luxurious yachts between the year 1997 to 2008.

From the two, various designs gave life to some of the most expensive yachts that sailed the seas. Here are ten of the most exorbitant vessels in the world.

  1. The $210 million Lady Moura

Introducing Lady Moura at $210 million, the tenth most expensive and glamorous yacht worldwide. This luxury vessel was a creation of Blohm + Voss in 1990 right inside their shipyard for Nasser al-Rashid, a Saudi Arabian businessman.

The yacht is most prominent because of a 24-carat gold lettering of its name on the exterior side.

The extravagance did not stop there. Inside the 344-feet long Lady Maura is a swimming pool with a retractable roofing, a 75-feet dining room with a Viscount Linley table, and a luxurious chopper.

However, the best attraction on Lady Moura is the hydraulic scaffolding, which is a sand-covered area sliding out of one side of the yacht. It is re-adjustable for an individual to sit directly on the waterline. It is a floating oasis real time.

  1. The $250 million Al MirQab

Completed in 2008, this luxury yacht, Al Mirqab, was made for Hamad Al Thani, Prime Minister of Qatar by Peters Schiffbau Wewelsfleth, Germany.

The yacht has ten suites that can accommodate twenty-four guests. It has a living room, double bedroom, and bathroom in every suite.

The millionaire has two VIP suites for his own and 55 rooms for members of the crew and the house. On board, Al Mirqab has a cinema, pool, helipad, sun deck, outside bars, jacuzzi, and a broad range of equipment for watersports.

  1. The $256 million Dilbar

The Dilbar super vessel was built for Alisher Usmanov, the Russian oligarch, in the year 2008 by the Lurssen Yachts. The ship is one of the largest boats in the world, measuring 360.89 feet in length.

The billionaire uses the luxury yacht to wind up on his private island. On board are some pools and helipad and other features. It can accommodate crew members of 48 and 20 guests.

  1. The $300 million Al Said

Lurssen Yachts built the luxury water vehicle for Qaboos Al Said, the Sultan of Oman. The vessel can house a 50-piece concert and can host more or less 70 visitors and 154 crew members.

  1. The $323 million SuperYacht A

The name of the luxury vessel is standard however its designs are original. The four hundred feet long has no copycat.

Reminiscent of a submarine or a clandestine warship, Blohm + Voss built the luxury liner and engraved the first letter of the names of the Russian billionaire owners, Aleksandra and Andrey Melnichenko.

It contains a two thousand five hundred square feet bedroom for the owners, a disco, and six suites for guests, which can turn into staterooms because of the movable walls.

The best feature of this vessel are the rooms with mirrors, furniture, glassware, and tablewares all made of French crystals. On the upper deck, is a helipad, speed boats, and three large pools with one of them having a bottom made up of glass.

  1. The $350 million Dubai

The shipbuilding was a joint venture of  Blohm + Voss & Lurssen shipyard for Brunei Prince, Jafri Bolkiah, ten years before the launching of the ship. It was bought by the Platinum Yachts for H.E. Sheikh Mohammed al-Maktoum, Dubai ruler, who made the design of the interior.

The excellent features of the vessel include plenty of room for sunbathing, many jacuzzis, and a swimming pool with handwoven tiling. It has a circular staircase made of glass with changing colors coming from the top deck lights, many VIP suites, and an 115-crew area.

Finally, it has a helipad that can carry a ten-tons chopper, making this vessel one of the largest ships worldwide.

  1. The $650 million Azam

The $650-million vessel was made for Sheikh Khalifa al-Nayan, UAE President and Abu Dhabi Emir by Lurssen Yachts. It ranks as the fourth exorbitant yacht in the whole world.

The vessel is so large it measures 590 feet in length and holds the title as the largest luxurious yacht worldwide. Aside from that, it has the fastest speed traveling at 30 to 35 knots.

The interior by Christopher Leoni, the great French interior designer, has one of the most sophisticated and extravagant styles ever conceived.

  1. The $1.1 Billion Street of Monaco

As the title indicates, this world-class vessel design is a replica of the City of Monaco. It is an expensive yacht because all the billionaire’s landmark in Monaco is inside the luxurious yacht: a racetrack, the famous casino in Monte Carlo, Hotel de Paris, La Rascasse, Cafe de Paris, and Loews Hotel.

The Atrium is the ship’s central area with reception rooms, dressing rooms, bathroom, and balconies. The billionaire’s suite is 4800 square feet spread out over three floors. Also on board are a mini waterfall, a unique cafe bar with underwater viewing, a chopper, and a submarine.

  1. The $1.5 billion Eclipse

Roman Abramovich, the billionaire from Russia, owns Eclipse, the second most exorbitant vessel worldwide. It was Blohm + Voss that built the ship worth $1.5 billion.

It contains several hot baths, two pools, disco halls, 24 cabins for guests, two landing pads for the chopper, boats, and small submarines capable of going 50 meters deep.

The luxurious yacht has sophistication when it comes to security. It has an intruder detectors system and a missile system capability with bulletproof plating and armor. It also has counter-paparazzi lasers to restrict the taking of photos.

  1. The $4.5 billion History Supreme

Finally, here comes the most high-priced luxurious vessel worldwide, the History Supreme. The British designer Stuart Hughes completed the design in three years time. A Malaysian billionaire bought the yacht for four billion and a half dollars.

The luxury liner has 220,000 pounds worth of precious stones and metals including diamonds and gold. The master bedroom is made from a meteorite. And it has a statue made out of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. It has a panorama aquarium made from sixty-eight kilograms of 24-carat gold and a wine bottle that features an eighteen karat diamond worth forty-five million dollars.

It also has an iPhone with 500 pieces of cut diamonds. More rare diamonds are inside the History Supreme that’s why it is so expensive.



You can just imagine the great wealth these ten high-priced expensive luxury yachts have combined. It’s a big fortune.

However, the rich and affluent on this earth find satisfaction in spending their wealth on personal luxuries and extravagance. Also making it easy for them to make boat donations.

Outstanding are the builders of these vessels. They are gifted as they can even place a miniature replica of a city inside the luxury liner. They’re genius!

Luxury is comfort and satisfaction for those who can afford it. Looking at these extravagances show that somewhere out there, expensive yachts like these exist no matter how outrageous they might be for the ordinary individual.



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