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The Hottest Tech Careers Of The Future


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The best way to make money is to meet the demands of the future. Getting behind the latest tech trends could see you on a six figure salary in years to come. But with so many new technologies constantly being developed, which ones are not fads and are likely to really make a difference.

Cloud technology

More and more people are seeing the benefits of freeing up their hard-drives and storing files on the cloud. More cloud servers are having to be built as a result, which is resulting in a demand for more cloud computing specialists both for manufacture, maintenance and marketing. As more and more of are files go cloud-based, it’s thought that hackers are soon going to turn their sights this way. Already these servers are extremely secure, but digital security will constantly need to be improved to stop cybercriminals catching up. Such industries are thought to earn megabucks in the future.

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Data analysts (or data scientists) are already earning huge salaries. Their job is to take huge amounts of data – that previously not computer could deal with – and use them to better the productivity of a business. By analysing huge amounts of web traffic, data scientists can find the places and best places to target when marketing a specific product. Huge masses of financial data can be dissected to find the best way of cutting costs and making profit for a company. As more and more data becomes available, analysts are thought to become even more sought after in all trades.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality is the stuff of sci-fi movies, now brought to life and readily available in our homes through headsets such as the Oculus Rift. The military, surgeons and pilots are all already using VR as a safe training tool. Estate agents are already using VR to give virtual tours of homes that are for sale. The future of AR and VR is thought to be extremely lucrative and may be something worth considering for those with a creative mind.


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We already have automated hoovers, self-service scanners and, most recently, self-driving cars. Robotics is thought to continue to take off – quite literally in some cases as NASA continues to build new robots to journey into space. AI is thought to permeate huge sections of everyday life by 2025, with many people losing their jobs to robotic processes. Being the creator behind the robots will secure your job for years to come.

The Internet of Things

‘The internet of things’ is the linking of various items and objects through the power of the web. Once upon a time, we could only access the internet through our PCs. Soon phones and TVs started to broaden our connectivity and now kettles, fridges and central heating is all being linked to the internet. More household items are thought to become connected so that we can control them from our phone. On top of this, ‘smart cities’ are thought to emerge. Internet linked traffic lights and train timetables will monitor public transport delays, weather warnings and traffic jams and react accordingly.