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Good Health Without The Hassle?


Our health is incredibly important- after all, we only get one body and one life. And to live the best one possible we need to stay strong and healthy. But with such busy lives and schedules, how many of us can really get in an hour at the gym before work- and with so little time are you really going to get chance to cook healthy food from scratch each evening? Actually, living well doesn’t have to be difficult, and there’s plenty of hassle free things you can do for better health. Here are just a few of them.

Find An Activity You Love

Exercise is hard work, but it shouldn’t feel like punishment. If it takes everything you have to drag yourself to the gym or to go outside and run, then it’s probably not going to be a long-term thing. The trick is to find something you enjoy. It could be swimming, a spin class, martial arts- anything you life. If you can rope some friends into coming along, you get the social element as well as exercise, so you effectively kill two birds with one stone.

You could find out more information about why this is beneficial on livescience.com. Either way, it’s perfect when you lead a busy life.

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Make Simple Swaps

Swapping one thing out for another takes very little effort, but could do your body a huge favour. Instead of smoking, you could try vaping, this doesn’t burn tobacco, so you get a hit of nicotine without any of the toxic chemicals in cigarettes. You can find more info and buy the equipment on sites like lizardjuice.com. Instead of eating white bread, pasta and rice which sends your blood sugar soaring and lacks in fibre, you could switch to wholemeal instead. These are good for your heart and digestive system, keep you fuller longer and your blood sugar stable. Eating organic instead of regular produce is another easy switch. A good rule of thumb is if you eat the skin (apples, grapes, tomatoes) go organic. If you don’t (melons, bananas, oranges) you don’t need to. By doing this, you avoid harmful pesticides which are linked to all kinds of cancers and diseases such as dementia.

Batch Cook

Healthy food generally requires prepping and cooking. Unlike convenience food which is all ready to heat up and go (but at the cost of added salt, sugar, oils and chemicals) when you’re making things yourself it does involve effort. One way you can get around this is to batch cook meals. Make a huge portion and then divide it into individual Tupperware containers and pop in the freezer. This way you have your own, healthy home cooked meals and know exactly what’s gone into them. Stews, bolognese, curry and chilli all freeze well- sites such as jamieoliver.com have more ideas. You could spend one day a week making a couple of different meals, then you have dinners for ages with no additional cooking or hassle.

Would you try any of these hassle-free tips for better health?

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