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For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

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It is still early doors in Trump’s mind-boggling presidency, but I’d say we have reason to fear. He has already tried to implement a ‘Muslin ban’, which failed, so he is now trying again. He has tried to protect working class Americans by appointing billionaires to his administration. He has tried to limit the rights and access of the free press. He has made DeVos responsible for the education of our children. He has hit out at ‘fake-news’ while perpetually spreading fake news, such as his latest unsubstantiated and unsupported claim of a wire-tapping organised by Obama. He has denied speaking to the Russians despite having spoken to the Russians. And he has consistently used Twitter to vent his rage without consulting with his advisors about the very topic in which he is venting his rage.

Unfortunately, he seems to be every inch the president we feared he would be, a danger to society, to equality, to the environment and to the balance of the world (oh we wish we were being dramatic, but we’re not).

As such, we have come up with a few pieces of advice that we hope will help protect you, the people you love and the society around you from whatever harm his presidency may bring. Think of this as a sort of survival guide.

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Know Your Rights

Way before Trump ever announced he was going to run for president he has come out with controversial comments; controversial comments that only got worse as he announced his decision to run, and comments that have become a real threat since he took office. There is the wall, there is the bigotry, the Muslim ban and the abolition of Obamacare. All of these things suggest you need to know your rights and protect yourself with a complete understanding of the law. Depending on your race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religion, you focus may change, but use every and any source you can to protect yourself. It could be you need to learn about asylum law, or what rights a refugee has. It could be you need to know about your rights as a homosexual and whether they are under threat. As such, a great place to start is to head to the American Civil Liberties Union and educate yourself on the different rights that affect you and your loved ones. These tights may be subject to change, so stay up to date with the news, read what you can and speak to lawyers. You may not need to worry, but it could be better to be safe than sorry.

Be Medically Responsible

Trump promised to repeal Obamacare in his campaign, and he wasted no time in doing so once he took to the office. In fact, the Republicans dismantled Obamacare without even having a replacement lined up. What’s more, our President has now brazenly said that the issue of medical care is more complex that he thought. Duh. However, before Trump dismantles the current health care law anymore, now is a great time for you to speak to your doctor and discuss any long-term medical needs you may have. This should be focussed on your specific needs. So if you are a veteran of the armed services, find out what your rights are. If you are a young woman, get clarity on things like birth control and hormones. If you have a long-standing diagnosis, then talk to your doctor about medications for your chronic illness. No one knows what rules and laws will change, but think about the future, say about 4-years into the future.

Time To Rally At A Local Level

The major cities have already shown constant protests taking place, especially in Washington with more people turning out for the Women’s March than for Trump’s inauguration (which is amazing for society and totally embarrassing for Trump). However, the chances are that the rules will change to prevent protests gaining traction on a national scale. But that is okay because it could be more effective to protest and join hands at a local level. So identify a cause you care deeply about and see if there is a local organisation working on that issue and if there is any way you can be of assistance and lend your voice. It could be you do this in your school or through the local government or just looking online, but the more you make noise the more your representatives will have to listen. Four years may feel like a long time to have Trump in The White House, but there will be votes on the houses before then, and that is where you can really hurt Trump’s progress.

Protect Those With More To Fear

There are a lot of people who are fearing for the civil liberties and their human rights, and you may be one of those. But you must not forget that there are others who are in more immediate danger of certain laws being given the go ahead, laws that could completely change their lives. It could be that you are white, able-bodied and straight and therefore have nothing to fear. But have a little compassion for those who aren’t. Have some empathy for those that face a rather uncertain future because of Trump’s right-wing policies. As such, it could be that you uphold a civil duty to protect those less fortunate than yourself. That is what society is all about. It is strength in numbers and protecting one another from harm.

Your Data May Be Unsafe

Chances are, given what Trump has insinuated in the past, there will be an increased focus placed on surveillance activity and a new focus placed on monitoring the online activities of civilians. As such, you may want to invest in certain data protection software, such as Tor and Signal, which will offer you that extra safeguarding. What’s more, it could be worth sharing this piece of advice with friends and family to ensure they are protected from big brother as well.