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Steps To Refresh Your Company’s Image


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Creating an appealing brand and business image is no easy task, because most potential customers latch on to far more than aesthetically-pleasing logos and the design of marketing material or the website which operates as a “front of house” for most businesses in the modern age. Creating an image which really makes a mark on people is about the substance and the real story behind that image; people are smart, and they can suss out something which is only true on the surface. If you want your business to follow through and prove that it has something real to offer, here are some ways to refresh your company’s image to really entice potential customers from your target audience.

Online marketing can transform your image.

There’s no denying that the internet is the key to developing and sharing an enticing brand image in the modern day. Consumers use the online world to shop for goods and services, but also to discover new brands, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Your business needs to be making use of social media, then, but simply having a profile and making occasional posts is not enough. Customers rate frequent, interesting content, and that’s what you must deliver if you want to come across as professional and tech-savvy as a business. As I’ve said, customers can figure out whether a business is all it claims itself to be or not.

In addition, online marketing involves SEO, which entails optimising your business’ website to rank highly in search engine results. This could be the key to giving your company’s image a reboot, because a fresh face for your webpage in terms of responsiveness to all manner of devices and using the correct keywords will not only impress visitors, turning them into customers, but it’ll push your website up Google and Bing rankings, given the algorithms these sites use.

Make the brand internal.

You should be impressing your employees just as much as you impress your customers, and this starts with turning your attention towards the internal operations of your business. If employees feel uninspired, they project an uninspired and unmotivated image to potential customers who will then start to doubt the validity of your company’s core message and branding.

If you want your brand to be real, it has to be real on all levels within the business. This could start with something as simple as a well-designed office. Companies such as Arnold’s Office Furniture offer new furnishings to really help lift drab, uninspiring workplace areas. The key to making your brand look appealing is to ensure it actually is appealing beneath the surface. As I mentioned earlier, people can tell when a business is all-talk, so follow through on the claims you make about your company and the values for which it stands.

Referrals show the company is reputable.

Your business needs to improve its reputation in order for the brand image to mean something, and this depends on the existing customers your business has accumulated. These people will refer friends and family to your service if they like it, but they’re more likely to do so if you offer rewards to them for it. A good brand is all about mutual loyalty and respect. Your image is more than an aesthetic feature.