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Will Flying Private Be the Next Travel Trend?


Private air travel has long been the preferred mode of transport for celebrities, footballers and wealthy businessmen – a lifestyle that the normal flyer in standard class can only dream of. Hiring a private plane is extravagant and luxurious, but could it actually be the next big trend for travellers?

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you could be flying privately in the near future.

  • Social Status

With everything shared on social media in our digital age, people are increasingly chasing “likes” or social gratification. Even the news reports how social media channels like Instagram are changing the world. Its influence means that posts are becoming more extreme, taken in far-flung destinations, attempting to project an opulent lifestyle on their social media.

In essence, it’s a constructed reality and people may be willing to fork out the money to project an extravagant lifestyle to their followers. However, this is not an impossible prospect as flying privately may not be as costly as we may think.

  • Lower Costs

Although the price of hiring a private jet may still be higher than a first-class ticket, the difference between the prices isn’t so extortionate. If you fill all the seats in light seven-person jet, then the cost is split between your entire party rather than each of you paying separately for a seat on a commercial airline.

There are also websites that offer cheap deals and private jet owners occasionally post specials for the next day on their Facebook pages, which means that a round trip in a private jet may not be exclusive to only the rich and famous. You can use a private jet charter membership program and fly with as little as three hours’ notice also.

  • Convenience

The entire process involved in flying is much easier when you fly privately. Forget about flight schedules, you can enjoy flying at times that suit your own schedule. Never again will you have to wake up at 4am to check in for an early flight at a busy airport – flying privately means that if you’re running late, then the plane waits. You can also skip the long queues for baggage check-ins and the lines for security, saving you valuable time.

Private planes are able to land at many more airports than a commercial aircraft, so if there’s any delays predicted, then they can easily change their plans with little notice and choose to land at an alternative airport nearby. It’s the epitome of flexible travel.


With an 137% increase in private flights recorded last year, travellers seem to be moving away from the traditional commercial air travel for a more flexible and convenient way. If the gap between the cost of commercial and private flying continues to close, more people will be tempted to use these services and you too might be enjoying the luxury of private air travel in the near future.