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Three Fantastic Reasons to Use an Online Estate Agent to Sell Your Property


Selling your home can be a drawn out, expensive, and stressful affair, so you want to go about it the best way you can. Your estate agent will play a big part in this, and should be chosen to save you as much time, money, and hassle as possible.


That’s why we recommend using an online estate agent rather than traditional high street names. Likely to cost less, have a larger audience of potential purchasers, and make the whole process go more quickly, they can be a great alternative to doing things the old-fashioned way.


Here are just three of the reasons that we recommend enlisting one to sell your property…


#1: Online Estate Agents Usually Cost Less


If you take the time to consider any modern industry, you’ll soon come to the conclusion that online enterprises usually have lower overheads, and are happy to pass these savings on to their customers to increase their competitiveness. This applies to estate agents as much as any other professionals, and most internet ventures will charge significantly less than their high street counterparts, which means that if you would like an easy way to cut back on your costs, a company like Hatched could be the answer.


#2: Online Estate Agents Usually Have a Larger Audience of Potential Purchasers


When it comes to buying, whether it’s a home, a new mobile phone, or a holiday, most people now start their search online. According to the latest statistics, 80 per cent of all property purchasers do their shopping through the World Wide Web, and technologically savvy Generation Y account for 68 per cent of all first-time home buyers. This gives online estate agents a huge audience to mine, and means that for as long as your property is being advertised on the internet, it is being seen by a vast number of would-be purchasers.


#3: You’ll Have Greater Control Over the Sales Process


When you sell online, you have the additional boon of being able to control the process to a greater degree. Most agencies will allow you to manage fundamental aspects of the sale, from arranging viewings to talking with prospective buyers. This means that you can conduct these yourself, showing interested parties around and developing a direct relationship with them from day one. This gives you the chance to be involved in key phases, whilst still being able to leave the tricky bits to the professionals.

If you’re looking for a superior alternative to your local estate agent, could an online enterprise be the best option for you?


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