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What You Need To Know About Running A Website To Succeed In Business


If you provide products and services online, you certainly need a website. No buts. No Ifs. Not to have one is business suicide. And you also need the latest gadgets iPad, iPhone, Android phone, laptop, etc. to reinforce the website you will create.

By reading this article, you come closer to your goal of success online. Yes, you are! Many people are still confused about what a website can do to their business. But of course not you.

What do you need to do now?

Now that you are aware of your need for a website allocate a few hours to create a remarkable website for your business. Be assured; the next few hours would be fascinating and fun for you as you start building a showcase for your products and services online.

What will you accomplish?

After reading this article, you have done the following:

  • Made a website design.
  • Enhance a highly compelling website that generates potential customers and convinces them to rally behind your website promotion.
  • Create a remarkable and exclusive website, one that has a professional look and appealing.
  • Publish the website for all to see.

What will you need?

  • Passion and predilection to create a website for your business.
  • Cool picture of you.
  • Editing photo tools. All these software are for free plus some powerful website tools online for you: Photofunia, Picnik, Pixlr, FotoFlexer, and BeFunky. As you go on creating the website, you will learn how to utilize them.
  • Hosting webs with the website builder. Take note, free website hosting is not stable and not secure, so it is not advisable to create it for your business. Choose one that has a reputation.

The advantage of website building is that expert computer designers take the fundamentals of web usage and web formats (consistency/fonts, etc.) care.

It will allow you so much time to design your website, and that is what draws and persuades customers to employ your services.

However, some newbies commit mistakes by using templates outside the box. Don’t do that! Your website is not a VA generic so why make your site a generic?

It is best if you customize your website and be entirely your own and you can make use of dummy-proof visuals and pdf orientation to implement this one.

There are two platforms in a website we can suggest, GoDaddy Domain and HostGator Website Hosting. HostGator feature includes Plesk Website Builder, and GoDaddy offers 5-page websites for free.

It comes with it an ad as a temporary setting-up. I recommend for you to purchase a paid account with an add free to have a professional look.

How to Plan Your Website?

people man writing paper pen plan hand ring table office work Source:https://stocksnap.io/photo/RGRCNHCEYG

Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Ensure that you are much aware why you want to create a website before you begin. Have concrete information about your clients’ needs and what they want to gain in viewing your page.

The most significant goal is for you to convince them to support whatever design you will create on the web.

How to Create Your Website?

It is the exciting part! Whenever you’re ready, follow the 3-15 minutes tutorial on how you can create your website. No need for you to learn the HTML or CSS.

It will give you guidance how to convert your photo into an artistic artwork. You can download Pdf tutorials for your guide. At the end of the session, guaranteed, you have published your website, live!

Why Oh Why, Do You Need a Website?

You are not in need of a website if –

Can you engage in a VA business without an existing internet site? Of course, you can! But your potential development is limited. There are some situations where you don’t need a website. Try to analyze the situations below if you do not need a website.

You don’t need a website if:

  • You just want the internet site for a hobby, not for a business to succeed.
  • You just want to get along, and not distinguish yourself.
  • You are contented with an endless cycle of search job-apply job-do the job-search job; you don’t need success.

If all of the above applies to you, then, yes you don’t need to build a website because you’ll be just wasting your time.

What Are The Five Big “Buts?”

Here are the five common fears about building a website and why they should not compel you.

  • “I have no knowledge of HTML” It is alright. You don’t require an HTML to build a website of your own.
  • “But it is so laborious.” Well, if you are employing the old school of website building, then, yes, it’s difficult. But with today’s technology where everything is like a click-and-play, it’s so easy to create one.
  • “But I will spend much time” No, you will not! You will have one published and live in just a few minutes.
  • “But I am not creative” No worries with that! There are now lots of free designs or applications online where you can transform a dull photo into an original art. Plus you can put all your notes and sketches on your notebooks and sketchpads.
  • “But it is expensive” Website builders and hosting only cost a few dollars per month, a small investment compared to the potential profit and reputation you will generate from having a website of your own.

What Are The 4 Important Reasons In Creating a Website?

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The website that you will create is where you will build trust and confidence with your prospective customers. It is where you will start building an identity of your business and reputation as well.

And when all these elements are suitably enhanced, then this is where business transaction starts with your clients.

  1. To Build Trust. For you to obtain trust from a prospective client, you have to draw their attention initially. On work boards, it is not easy to implement as there are hundreds of bidders contesting for the attention of the client.

You have to convince the customer to visit your website and see the writings and portfolios you publish. The items that you display in your website will speak for you, and it will be a manifestation that the client can trust you.

  1. To Be Distinguished and Demand Higher Rate. Jobs on board (eLance, LimeExchange, Freelancer, oDesk), you are just one among hundreds of bidders. Competition is too tight, and your capacity to be different becomes dim because of the pressure of systems that job boards employ.

The only chance for you to be distinguished from competitors is to display your portfolio, writings, and articles on board your website for the client to see and analyze. They can easily assess the look of it and see that you’re different from the others.  Most job boards and bid prices are consumer driven, so your offer of a higher or lower rate will depend on your clients.

However, flexibility is too weak as there are other VA’s who have access to them, and can quickly embrace drop-dead rates which you cannot contest. It’s better to drive the clients to your website so that you have much more control and price demand the moment they see all your portfolio.

  1. To Enhance and Develop Status of Expertise. It is a competition of perception online. The one equipped with competence draws an influx of clients. However, you might be the competent secretary or whatnot in this planet, but if you are not known to be such, there’s a probability that you end up bankrupt or broke because you do not have any client.

Nevertheless, those who can position right on time and build on the perception of their client needs will surely garner all the customers. And that is because they are the first to create a website and display a broad range of their products and services that suit the client’s needs.

  1. To have a 24/7 Marketing Mechanism. The website you create is your biggest asset, and good organizing and planning will funnel sales leads and transform them into paying customers, even while you’re sleeping.


Building an excellent website will pave the way to enhancing your business. It is easy to display all your products and services on your site, so you’ll just have to think of strategies for converting your visitors into customers.

If you have a website, it will cut down operational costs in your business because you don’t need to go door to door to make your product and services known.

By placing the right keywords in your web content, you can draw hundreds of viewers to your site. And to make sure the viewers will be attracted to your website, so they keep coming back, arrange the content of your site in such a way that when viewers read it, they will see all the things they are looking for as seamlessly as possible.


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