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Storm Kills at Least 18 in Georgia and Mississippi


At least 18 people have been killed and many others injured by severe weather in Georgia and Mississippi, emergency officials say.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency in seven counties in the state, where 14 people have died.

Other 4 people were killed by tornadoes in Mississippi on January 21.

According to the National Weather Service, a “tornado risk” continued for Southern Florida.

It also warned of damaging winds and hail.

In a news release, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency said that the 14 victims were in the southern Cook, Brooks, Dougherty and Berrien counties.

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Most of the deaths occurred in Cook County, when a mobile home park was apparently struck by a tornado.

Cook County coroner Tim Purvis said numerous mobile homes had been “leveled” before dawn on Sunday in the park near the city of Adel. He said emergency teams were still searching for survivors.

Tim Purvis estimated that the park has about 40 mobile homes in total, and roughly half were destroyed.

Gov. Nathan Deal said in a statement: “These storms have devastated communities and homes in South Central Georgia, and the state is making all resources available to the impacted areas.”

President Donald Trump said he had spoken to Gov. Nathan Deal and expressed his condolences for the loss of life.

In Brooks County, coroner Michael Miller said two people died when an apparent tornado tossed a mobile home around 100 yards into the middle of Highway 122.

Swathes of the south-eastern United States have been hit by storms over the weekend.

In southern Mississippi, four people died in the path of a tornado with winds above 136 mph.

More than 50 others were injured and about 480 homes were damaged, state officials said.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency issued advice on the best and worst places to shelter from a tornado on January 21, advising locals in the path of a tornado to cover themselves with blankets or a mattress for protection.

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