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How To Make French Provincial Furniture Look Great In Your Home


Design trends in the home change constantly.  Interior decoration ideas come in and our of style regularly, and now some old time furniture is in style.  What kind of furniture exactly?  French Provincial Furniture.  This kind of furniture is known for its old-looking design, its old handles, and its big and bulky display.  It is also known for its carved edges that lay very distinct on the furniture pieces.  If you want to add something like this into your home, however, how can you do it and make it look great?  Here are a couple of ideas on how to do just that:


As mentioned before, French Provincial Furniture is known for looking somewhat old.  However, that doesn’t mean it can’t work in a modern home.  Why not try repainting a piece of French Provincial Furniture?  You can take an old piece that you or your family may already own and give it a new paint colour that will match with your room very nicely.  It will add some class to your layout, as well as keeping everything looking nice and modern.  You can also replace the handles to make them look a little more modern as well.

You can also take a piece that once belonged in a living room, and repurpose it for another room, such as turning it into a bathroom vanity to give your bathroom a much more classic look to it.  You can see the idea from a Pinterest user right here.

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Just because a style isn’t modern, doesn’t mean it can’t look nice.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with styling your home more traditionally than you may see most people doing these days.  It will help the inside of your home stick out from most of your friends, and it will look upscale and more on the expensive side, even if you’re working on somewhat of a budget.  A lot of this furniture can be found at resale shops for decent prices, and you can find a piece that works for you and your living space relatively easily.

There are many other ideas on Pinterest that you can look at if you’ve fallen in love with this style of furniture.  Even though this style of furniture is from another time, it doesn’t mean it can’t look absolutely fantastic in your very own home.