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Three Magical Destinations for a Winter Cruise


Winter is a magical time. With the hint of frost in the air, the smell of roasting chestnuts lingering on city streets, and the twinkle of Christmas lights at every corner, it is imbued with a cosy charm indoors and a glacial glory outside.


It’s a time to be indulgent. You have worked hard the whole year through, and now is the chance to finally treat yourself. Every shop window offers dazzling displays to choose from, and the Christmas presents are piling up at home.

Image source Bolsover Cruise Club

Image source Bolsover Cruise Club


Yet sometimes the most delicious treat of all is escaping your everyday life for a while, and spoiling yourself on a sumptuous winter cruise. Here, we look at three of the best destinations for those in need of a warm weather pick-me-up…


#1: Chile


For those in search of somewhere out of the ordinary, Chile is transcendental. A breath-taking wonderland of ethereal fjords, its waterways look like a scene taken straight from the pages of a fantasy novel: beautiful, unreal, and striking. Take an excursion into the countryside to see towering waterfalls and unspoilt landscapes stretching away as far as the eye can see, before diverting to one of the nation’s famed cities. Valparaiso, in particular, must be visited. Chile’s largest city, it spans the length and breadth of 45 undulating hills, each of them covered by an exquisitely eclectic mixture of high rises alongside quaint, brightly coloured traditional homes.


#2: The Amazon


The ultimate playground for cruise-goers, the Amazon is magnificent, massive, and meandering, and a journey down it will take you along some of the most stunning waterways in the world. Begin sailing in Brazil and you’ll soon find yourself immersed in a mecca of exotic animals and tropical birds. Macaws, toucans, and hummingbirds will fly above you as you cruise, with over 1,300 indigenous bird species to spot as you travel through the teeming rainforest. Don’t forget to embark once you reach Manaus, or else you risk missing some of the best-preserved Portuguese colonial buildings in the region, as well as charming waterside markets with all manner of delicacies to try.


#3: South Africa


South Africa is a paradisiacal winter cruise destination, and Cape Town, with towering Table Mountain looming above it, shrouded in ethereal mist, has to be one of the highlights for visitors to the area. Take a trip up in a cable car, and look down at a vista that will take your breath away. Once you’ve had your fill of the views, journey to the beautiful beach, or else explore the enchanting city itself. A jumble of green spaces and sumptuous shops, it offers the perfect complement to the wilderness you’ll discover once you venture outside of its boundaries.


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